Monday, June 20, 2016

::This is 35:: House of Alice Rose~Stylist Review & Tender Nest Portraits Photo Shoot

::Momma Disclosure:: { This is a compensated post. All statements are my own and my true and honest opinion. All photographs were taken as part of a brand ambassadorship with Tender Nest Portraits, Momma's outfit styled by House of Alice Rose}

Turning 35 seems like no biggie. Only really it is. 35 is one of those mid to something numbers. Midway to 40, is what 35 is. I am okay with that. When I look back at the last 35 years and more specifically the last 17 years, I have learned, grown and endured so much. Life has not always been pretty, or fair, or good. But, I have pushed through the struggles and today I have a life filled with a great Husband who is constantly supporting all my crazy thoughts, and ideas, one who hates taking family pictures but loves us so much. I have dos amazing little children, who have changed my body, my drive and my heart in so many wonderful ways. 

In the last 8 years, I have slowly walked the blogging journey and started meeting some of the most amazing women. Women with whom I have long distance, over the internet relationships and some of whom live in Houston and I have the great honor of meeting in person. For my 35th, I decided to accept an invitation to do some shopping with a personal stylist. I know and follow the wonderful ladies of House of Alice Rose, but had never met them in person. A couple of weeks ago that all changed. I met Isabel one of the creators and stylists of HoAR, she is without a doubt a strong Houston Latina Momma, stylist, blogger, creative, and sweet soul. 

I wasn't sure what would happen, first off I am NOT one to shop for myself. Secondly, I suck at shopping and making things go together and fit me and yeah. All that kind of pretty, girly stuff, I truly didn't inherit when it was handed out at birth. BUT, be still my heart, Isabel. She has become my fashion hero. She not only put a perfect outfit together for me in a matter of minutes but she herself walks the walk. The day we met she wore the cutest printed shorts with a striped shirt and wedges, y'all she looked amazing. She made me feel comfortable and definitely helped me step out of my comfort zone. Though I am highly outspoken and outgoing there is still something very conservative about me and how I dress, I have always been that way. 

Isabel and I spoke about marriage, our children, our careers, and how we joined the blogging world. The connection was instant. I love people, I love women who are constantly seeking to better themselves, who push and create lives that are exemplary and true. She is a U.S. Coast Guard and crossfitter so not only is she a strong, determined and fit Momma, she is also one of those badasses I truly admire, for their courage and bravery. Isabel reminded me of how being feminine and looking pretty comes from deep within especially as we age. She made me feel my age and I loved it. 

Thank you again for the amazing 35th birthday present Isabel, I will forever appreciate it. 

There is so much more to my life than the number 35, you might look at me and not know what my heart truly holds. But, another great person that I have met in the last year and thanks to my blog is Anel of Tender Nest Portraits, a fellow Momma, a professional photographer, and new Houston Latina Blogger member. She has managed to capture the inside of my heart in this world, my children's smiles and love, they are everything that my heart always holds true. They show me how beautiful life can turn out despite all the ugly, bad and disappointment. They have managed to erase the bad memories, the heartache and the pain that once ate at my heart.  

Please don't confuse our happy smiles for perfection. Our lives are not perfect and may never be but we make it all work-out.  

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