Wednesday, July 27, 2016

::Wordless Wednesday, Kinda:: McAllen Wall Art

On our last few visits to McAllen my Hubby had been wanting to take Santiago to a comic book store. My cousin, Alfredo, who lives there is a huge fan as well. So, just like a scene out of the Big Bang Theory, kinda, HAHA, we walked into Kaboom Comics in McAllen.  It was so much fun, plus they have an uber cool wall with Super Hero art, another one of my cousins {yes, I am Mexican, I have a ton of cousins.} drew one of the super heroes seen here. Pretty neat huh? 

On one of our drives back to our hotel we found this awesome sight, a beautifully lit building which we then found out was an art gallery and part of the McAllen Artwalk

I want to go inside on our next visit. 

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