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::10 Things I Plan to Change as I age:: #Turning35

Picture Credit: Tendernest Portraits 
Picture Credit: Tender Nest Portraits 

I turned 35 in June and contrary to how I felt when I turned 30 where I thought I was falling apart and my world might end, this year, I felt great. The last couple of years I have tried my best to stay fit and eat right, to just be overall active and emotionally well. But, I realize and know I am getting older and that means making real life long changes. I know it won't be easy and my consistency might fail here and there but I must start changing these things now so that in 5 years I can feel better than I do now.

Funny how life circles around you. Explaining. As a young 20-something I felt all kinds of great energy, I entered motherhood right before my 30's and when I tell you it was a downward spiral, that's an understatement. Now, almost 7 years into being a Momma, things are looking up again. Looking balanced, happy, rested and more at peace with myself as an individual and ultimately as an accomplished Momma. So many things have slowly fallen into place, reminder, nothing is perfect but things are good.

Now enter my mid-30's epiphany, I must continue to take care of myself much more intentionally, because no one else will. I have to be a 110% for myself and for my children and Husband. Which is why I wanted to create this list of "30's Bucket List" items, those that I can be accountable for and that I know I can follow-through with.

Here are some things that I seriously have thought about and plan on making a concision effort to change: 

::Skin care:: 

I actually am currently in the process of creating a campaign with HallYu Cosmetics here in Houston. I visited with Anton one of the shop partners this past weekend and loved hearing how innovated Korean skin care is and how close to home we have access to it! 

As a working Momma of Dos, I am often torn between doing something quick, easy and inexpensive versus something of good quality that might take me more time but will pay off. My skin has always been very sensitive and I often had to visit the dermatologist for extensive skin care regimes. Today I want something that will help with dry skin, adult acne and future wrinkles and be inexpensive and east to follow. I will share more on this soon.  While I will also visit my dermatologist regularly I will also seek out alternative methods. 


One key word in a lot of what I do is balance. For me truly eating better is very important. Difficult with my busy work, momma and goal achieving schedule but doable. On good weeks we have good healthy meal plans that my Husband and I follow, allowing for maybe 1 or 2 nights of eating out mostly on the weekend. Always coming back to that healthy balance and cleansing every once in a while. The older I get the more this will be important, making a more purposed shift to healthier eating for our whole family. Food and what we put in out bodies affects our entire being. If we don't feel good from within, it shows an our mental well being will suffer. 

::Vitamins/Taking Meds::

I like to think that I am a very much "holistic" type of person when it comes to ailments, knowing that food and exercise affect what I do. I try to stay healthy and moving. But, I know that every once in a while taking medications that are needed is also important. I need to be better about following medical indications. One thing I love is vitamins and I find all types of vitamins that help me get through my day, some are a high complex Vitamin B12, iron and fish oils. I am sure your doctor can recommend some for you. Most of mine have come from different needs as a busy Momma and the issues I have with cysts and headaches. 

::Drink More Water::

It's really easy to just pick up a sugary drink and enjoy it at times. But, I have to stop myself and drink more water. The more I think about it, the more I need it. Water I know can be boring but this summer has been so hot I feel that my body just needs it. So, I make the best effort to drink a lot of it! My personal trainer of Texas Fit Chicks gave us the best water challenge which helped me gain some water perspective. Bottom line, it's good for you. Do it. Drink more water! 

::Morning Routines:: 

This also comes from having two "school-agers" now and needing to be more productive in the mornings. I am all about being consistent but leaving room for the what-if moments, because life and mornings with two kids can be pretty unpredictable. Up until now my mornings, afternoons, and days have been based on this unpredictability. But, they are now 6 (almost 7) and 5 years old, so I imagine right about now a strict routine should be in order. Or somewhat routine that we can all follow.

I have promised them alarm clocks so they can both jump out of their own beds and get their days started. School starts in  13 days. I will let you know on August 22nd how well we followed this routine. I want to wake up and have some quiet mom time, which means I have to go to bed earlier. I want to be to work on time and get out on time so I can spend my afternoons sleeping, HA. The sleep might not happen but mornings will be key to the next 5 years and my mental wellness. Be more organized and prepared (in all my senses) for days, that's what I want.

::Toxic Relationships:: 

The older I become the less I have room for or tolerance of the BS. Yep. If you say you will do something do it. Simple as that, easier said than done I am sure. There are certain people that we are attached to in our circle of friends or acquaintances that maybe have been good friends in the past. But, for me I have a career and family to grow in so many areas and while I will always try to be a good friend, many can no longer be that friend to me and as stated by Truly Michele in her latest article, that's OK. 

Families and people go through different stages. Right now our little family of four needs stability, encouragement and faith. Not extra drama, or personal turmoil. As someone who has been through a lot and has even gone through therapy for a good portion of my initial motherhood journey, I have learned to let go. In some situations letting go is harder than other times but when you do, it's such a freeing experience. 


It's hard to be in a boat all on your own. But, one lesson I am constantly trying to teach my children is, to hold their own! That they will never be lonely if they seek to be their own best-friend. To move forward regardless of what's going on. In the same fashion, I must take my own advice. I know I don't have many close friends, and that's ok. I have my Husband and kids and they push me, more importantly, I have myself. I am a bad-ass and I can do what ever I set my mind to do. I need to continuously seek out to motivate myself and not rely on others to do that for me.

Why? Because we all have our own lives to live and people can't hold your hand every step of the way. Just saying, that's some real talk to me.

::More conscious effort of moving forward:: 

I do a lot to help create action but I also tend to get comfortable when things go great. I want to continue in the current moment and have not only a real plan of action but also, implement it in a way that makes sense for me and my future. I want to be able to move forward and not allow my fears of "hurting" people's feelings stop me.

As a Latina, I tend to try and be mellow and tame, because I think that others might feel I am being a "stereotypical" Latina, overly aggressive and angry. I want to channel that energy into fulfilling my capabilities and showing others, that I can get shit done. And, I will, just have to make a conscious effort to move forward and be intimated by my own "roar", if that makes any sense.  Being part of Mujeres de HACE has created a shift in my perspective, in a very good and positive manner, more on that soon...

::More mental health/self-care days:: 

Right now I get every other Friday off, I pack so much into that day, that it's basically another work day. I don't want that anymore. I want to work less and less as the next year goes by and if that means writing less and doing less overall, well then so be it. My mind and emotions can only handle so much. I don't want to constantly overload myself. As a working Momma I feel at times that I have to overcompensate by doing more, spending more time with my kids and just being involved in it all, I know that none of that makes me a better Momma. These days I want to minimalize the work and maximize my inner happiness.

::More sleep and relaxation:: 

Up until this moment, I have had a full-time job my whole life, volunteer work and then kids and blogging. My scheduled starts at about 6:00/7:00 a.m. and ends at about 1:00 a.m. For about 4 years I packed it all into those wee hours of the day and have become burned out, a lot. But, no more. I want to sleep and relax as much as I can so that I can be strong and healthy, well-rested and sane to do those things that are really important. Like laughing with friends, drinking wine on Friday night and sleeping in on Sunday mornings with my kids. More sleep and relaxation would make this Momma, HAPPY. 

To being 35 and beyond!!!!

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