Thursday, January 19, 2017

::Inner Healing and Supporting Women:: Renaissance Women Summit

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There is much to be said when other women invite you to their table with open arms. Much to be said about women outside your circle who trust you instantly to be brought into their space. And, far more to be said about women who are truly supporting other women. In a clear and genuine way. 

I attended the Renaissance Women summit this past weekend, the vibe and the energy were incredible and it was all due to the coming together of several local women and one amazing visionary, Amanda Russell.  

I heard two messages loud and clear and I feel we would all, as women and simply humans, benefit from them.

::Inner Healing::

The thought that hurt people, hurt people is true. One of the speakers; Jen Groover, spoke very honestly and openly of this topic. Her testimony hits very close to home for me. Her mother was an abused wife and as a child, she witnessed so much that now she wants to empower her own daughters to be strong and stand up for what they believe in. More importantly to be more emotionally aware than most children their age, which was very impressive as a fellow Momma. Her biggest power is the idea of self-healing and not allowing those bad moments to create bitterness and sadness but instead learn from them and grow away from those toxic environments. 

We all have the power to heal. Some of us might need lots of help and support but that's OK, at the end of the day healing is your goal. Some may not have the tools that they need to heal but could find those tools in others through empathy and compassion.

Jen has such an amazing story of survival and triumph, she is such a true warrior! Again her story made a great impact on me and how I have healed over the years. And, honestly this healing is on-going. We are always going through experiences and situations that don't always go our way. We must continually learn and grow from our traumas and bad experiences. It's the only way to move forward, evolve and be successful! 

One statement that really resonated with me was:

"Successful people work on themselves first." 

::Supporting Other Women:: 

I knew the summit was directed towards women and that in itself was amazing. I met women from many walks of life and professions. I was fulfilled with that alone. But, then there was a constant message with the speakers; Tamilee Web-Hall better know for being the face of Buns of Steel, Jen Groover a Ted Talks speaker and serial entrepreneur/business woman, Anika Jackson and Staci Henderson of Interesting Houston and Amanda Russell. They all spoke to how they couldn't have done it without each other. They spoke about how if one person succeeds it never hinders your own success. There is, and always will be enough room at the table for everyone. The limiting thought that I must protect my success and not share or be able to promote other women within my industry, niche, or even within my own ethnicity, is ridiculous. I want all women to succeed, and be happy. This will set the norm for all successful relationships. 

#communityovercompetition should be something that is practiced across the board and that we should as women, embrace. We will only be able to succeed when we understand that everyone's grass can be green no matter what. The mentality of "every man for himself", while it can be productive in some instances, should not be what drives us to move forward. We should truly and genuinely build one another up and decide that in order to break the glass ceiling, we must unite. Dr. Noreen Khan Mayberry, one of the events panelist, spoke to this as well, empowering women and having one another's backs. It's what our community should be about, no matter what your industry is! 

Overall, there was an amazing sense of relate-ability among us all. We all have a story to tell and somehow our stories resonated with similarities. Some how, no matter what our background, ethnicity, age, or upbringing, some how our similarities, prevailed.  

This type of event fills me with true joy, first off as a Latina who passionately peruses empowering the women in her community, and secondly because I want to better myself as a woman, Momma, employee, wife, career-driven person. The Renaissance Woman Conference encompasses all of those important factors that push me forward towards a better me. I love representing the Houston Latina Bloggers and try to do my best with every opportunity I gain. ~Connie Gomez (Houston Latina Bloggers) 

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