Wednesday, November 15, 2017

::Texas Conference for Women:: Prudential #OwnMyFuture

::Momma Disclosure:: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Prudential and DimeMedia. However, all opinions expressed are my own. 

This year I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Texas Conference for Women which is held in Austin each year. I was in a "dual role" as I was not only a Social Media Roundtable speaker but also as a sponsored Prudential representative. The experience as a whole was very unique for me this year. I have attended the Texas Conference for Women in the past and their a message and what they represent for women not just in Texas but all over the US is I feel very important, powerful and empowering. It empowers especially Momma’s like myself who have a full-time career and who also pursue "side-hustles" or  "side gig", as we call them. 

Of course, partnering with Prudential meant thinking about my finances, which is a good thing trust me. It meant really thinking about the messages that are sent to not just the women in our lives but ourselves and how we can own our future as financially successful women.

I have to admit I’ve worked my whole entire life since I was in my teens and money has always been something that I knew I would have to work for. Everyday. But, just like I worked hard and I spent hard. Sadly, that’s exactly how I spent a big part of my teenage years and most of my 20's, singlehood and no kids made that easy. But fast-forward 15 plus years and now as a Momma, it's kind of hard to go without a real money plan, because of well; gas, food, daycare, food, diapers, etc. 

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When I met my husband he was very much about his credit score, owning a car, owning his own home, having a savings account, just about anything that I wasn’t he was. He was in his 20's, and already very financially responsible. We were raised completely different and now that we’re married adults with kids we totally see where balance is needed and we realize that we really need to educate our children about finances and being responsible and wise about their money. We, of course, instill in them that an education would be your first and foremost source of income because having an education leads to a career that is stable and brings in a good income. That's not to say that along the way some challenges and/or obstacles might come up. And, that sometimes no matter how much you plan or you think you have your finances in order sometimes life, well, happens! 

In those small but very worrisome moments where you think that maybe you should’ve planned or thought more about my finances is where partners like Prudential come in. They have trained advisors and the right tools or resources to help you plan, prepare and establish financial freedom. We can be part of this process and walk hand-in-hand with an advisor that will allow us to develop a plan that works for us and is tailored to our needs. Which is why I love Prudential and how they can assist with this roadmap... into your financial freedom. 

I've been ready to own my future, now I just need a little-added guidance... Gracias Prudential! 

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