Friday, December 11, 2009

Are we there yet Thursdays?

Thursday was a hectic one.
Plans for the weekend:
  • I have to work... Mayoral Election in Houston.
  • We have a nephew's 1 year Birthday paryt we want to try to get to.
  • We have a Rosary to attend; as Catholics on the 12th of December we honor and celebrate la Virgen de Guadalupe! La Gudalupana!!! Viva!
  • We want to get some rest in and clean our house.
  • I also want to finish decorating my house.
  • We also have to plan for buying Christmas's a tight budget but God will be with us.
  • We are in the process of fixing a heater...Houston decides to be SUPER cold the first year Santiago is here and now we have to get a move on getting this's been sitting on the back burner for 3years! :D
  • So much to little time....

My week has been...hmmmm..productive. I think that by this weekend I will have all my Christmas cards mailed as we are starting to receive some and my husband is panicking! It has also been a week of revelation to say the least. New hearts mended and old ones at peace. I like where I am going and hopefully next week will be better. In the mean time...I have to finish this week off and pray that I don't lose my mind from the exhaustion!

Tomorrow Friday!

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