Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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People, who know me, know what God has done in my life. How Faith and Religion has changed my path in life. It’s awesome that last week I decided to start this format on this Blog (other Blog: because God is REALLY creating some awesome situations in my life of trials and test!

OK! Let’s start:

Last week my son was sick a “mild” eye infection to the normal person a super dramatic and awful situation for me as a parent! So, it was Wednesday and I decided to call the doctor and get a prescription for some eye drops. But, before then I went to Church ( they have an awesome new website; check it out: I wanted to sit in the chapel alone have not done it since I was pregnant and had Santi. I used to go while I was pregnant to ease the stress, the pain, the anxiety, fears of the unknown and to pray for my baby’s healthy and safe arrival. Well this day I went to pray for my son to just be healthy and for speedy recovery from his eye infection. When I walked in there was a man in the back row of the pews I could see his shoes sitting under the bench...he had taken them off. I didn’t think much of it and went on to sit and pray and wait for God. While I was praying I could hear people coming in and out of the chapel behind me, I prayed and once I felt at ease I got up to leave. When I left I noticed that the man sitting in the pew had his legs folded on top of the pew, his hands in front of him in prayer, his eyes closed and I could see his FAITH. His STRONG Faith! Then as I walked past the pew to the door another man, at the door, on his knees, his eyes shut so tightly his FAITH SO STRONG, he didn’t make it to the pew he had to PRAY AND PRAISE right there and then at the door! It impacted me, but one other thing that caught my eye they were both Asian ( Now as far as I know Asian’s are very “passionate” about their Faith, at times extreme if you will but this type of commitment impacted me in such a way that I thought…Why am I not that committed? Or am I? And how can I be more Faith filled? It was an awesome moment to live and I am now on a new journey. I feel.

Then, I have conflict, trials, and tests (Who doesn't!?!?); from what I know God doesn’t punish but he teaches you and guides you. When we are in these trials we think why me? Instead of, why NOT me? What makes me so special, so different from anyone else that I can’t possibly go through a bad spot? As I have said it in the past life is not easy, what fun would that be? We wouldn’t have a need to explore Faith, our spirits or a friend who can objectively give you advice. This past year has been a wonderful one; I was pregnant for 9 months and now have a 3 month old. During my pregnancy I ignored conflict and avoided trials. I had so much going on with my body and my health that all I could focus on was being strong for the tiny little angel forming inside of me. So, when I had him SO many situations came to light. A good light and I am now facing them, dealing with them, carry my cross once more if you will.

I am not perfect, far from it. I shouldn’t judge and I try not to. I don’t like to be fake or a hypocrite, so I attempt to be forward even if it hurts and follow MY beliefs. Well this leads me to a place where now I am in the process of learning and changing. God has placed 2 key people in my life right now (my Aunt Nena and Casey) who I think are going to open my eyes and there several situations which will allow me to further explore this. I will vaguely outline 3 situations and as I deal with them will write about them here:

1. Dealing with difficult people in your life, people who push your buttons if you must. One time on KSBJ I heard a devotional dedicated to this and surprisingly there are SO many books. I now own about 5 of them as I read them I will also write about it. I have realized that this experience is for me and not the other person. I have to grow, I have to change. The devotional on KSBJ explained how these difficult people can be seen as “pebbles in our shoes” and the only way that you could bring them into perspective was by realizing that just as they were a “pebble in your shoe” YOU too could be a “pebble” in some one else’s shoe! Wow!!! I had never thought of that!! Bearing your cross is a lesson that I have learned is a necessary one, to further humble you and bring you closer to God.

2. Forgiving. Those of you who know me, know about my story, we ALL have someone to forgive BUT most importantly we should learn to forgive OURSELVES. Only when we are at peace with ourselves can we learn to forgive others. Forgiveness, I have learned is difficult if you have not prepared for it. And, sometimes it JUST HAPPENS and that is a true Blessing! This will teach you to be LESS selfish and react to situations with Grace.

3. Decision making. When I was single and young I made stupid decisions, when I got married Ricardo and I started making better decision that would provide compromise and peace for BOTH of us. Now that I have a baby this is more trivial than I expected. Making the smallest of decisions affects every aspect of my little family. Making big ones will cause a revolution. Ricardo and I are NO longer only thinking about each other we now have a tiny life to guard and provide for. Which is why I am praying that what I decide will cause an effective and positive change and that these decisions are made with Grace and with the true guidance of God in my heart.

The real lesson is that Life is not easy and it will take me every day much effort and much devotion to be committed to learning and growing!!!

Wow. You see I told you! It’s SO much!

I LOVE to share my Faith and what I believe in. Here are some devotionals that get me through my day:

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