Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fatty Boy Tuesdays:

My Boys-

On the 16th of this month Santiago will be 4 months....though it seems like time has gone by I feel like it's gone by very appropriately. I try to enjoy every minute that I am with him and admire women who work and have families! It's hard enough to wake up and go to work every morning but it's even harder to leave this little man behind. Every morning that snooze button is my favorite accomplice. Santiago sleeps sooo soundly that he makes you never want to leave bed.

He still has not found a job but we pray that soon enough he will. In the mean time he continues to watch the baby, manage our finances and cooks. He doesn't mind it all as long as I take him out on the weekends, haha! He loves to tell people that "Mama brings home the bacon!" We need him to get back on track though and become physically active and be more healthy. He is really working on this. In the mean time he is same old, same old, Silly daddy!

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