Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holiday's {Christmas and New Years!!! Whoo-hoooo} Hello 2011! {Part Dos}

{ New Years }


So, Thankfully our New Years was just as peaceful and uneventful as our Christmas. It was for the best. This time my hubby's immediate family joined us. That was nice. Our night ended fairly late. Although, the boys {my son and nephew} were sick and fussy we made it through and had a nice night; with Family, Peace and Joy in our hearts. 
I look forward to beginning a New Year and to see what, who and where God takes me this year. 
As we were driving home after a late night my husband asked me; "So, what's your new years resolution?"...I was inclined to tell him... "I don't have one." and then went on to tell him..."I mean; everyday I want to be, do and change, so I just want to make it actions and not just words." {Smiles}
I mean it.... 
Here is how the boys brought in the New Year...and this  is all that matters to us right now:
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