Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cuando Yo Era Niña.

{Cuando yo era niña me acuerdo de.....}

Christmas {Navidad}

We used to leave whatever city in the US we happened to be in that year {my parents were nomads, HAHA. No really. Ok, they "migrated' a LOT!} and make the drive sometimes 8 hours, sometimes 24 to that border town where I almost always grew up; Reynosa.

It's the town, que vio nacer a mi papa, we had lots of family there {still do} who waited for us every year. We would be there for 2 or more weeks and attended every Posada until Christmas Eve, then wait for El Dia de Reyes. It's a great memory now long gone.

Reynosa has recently been plagued by "bad company". I pray that one day my children will get to experience Faith, Family and Holiday's as I did when I was a child. It's only fair that they can live and breath our Mexican culture the way me and my husband did.

I loved spending my summers there as well, playing in the wide open hot dirt roads of Mexico. I loved being a kid, laughing, and being worry free.

I love my cousins small and big; I miss them now.

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