Friday, February 26, 2010

Are we there yet Thursdays? & Thank GOD it's Friday!

So, it happened again...these last two days they run together...I get so caught up in the beginning of the week and on my Praise and Worship day that I forget or simply run out of time.

Well this week has been hectic, my co-worker is out sick-say a little prayer for her, with her out work has been busy for me, and then there is my beautiful home! Which once I get there I am engulfed by my wife and mother responsibilities that nothing else really gets done...well aside from house work. One thing that I have always tried to be is a "Hopelessly Devoted" wife, house "keeper" and now mother. I know that this may sound crazy, but I believe that one should fully be dedicated to our HOME, that's why they call it Home Sweet Home. We are all dedicated in our way but I like to ignore myself and for that matter anything and anyone that make ME up once I get home. I communicate through the day with friends and co-workers that once I get home all of attention is on my home, my husband and my son. I love them so much and like to show them respect and time. Therefore, blogging, twittering, facebooking or any other socializing mode is somewhat "eliminated". I have no time for at that moment. Of course on days like today I am going to make sure that I make some "me" time..need to get my eyebrows about a 15 minute detour. My friends well they all know I love them and that I am there for them and in return I know that for the most part they are also wives and mommies so I know better than to take time from their families. So with that I think that I will probably mesh Thursday and Friday in my blog to create, Thu-FriDAY but we will THANK GOD FOR IT! :D

With that said:
  • Again this week has been crazy!
  • This week clarity and light have been brought forth and my eyes have been OPENED by new people in my life and in my sisters life.
  • This week I have been happy and in good spirits.
  • This week it seems as if life IS after all getting better.
  • This week has given me light as to the WONDERFUL, rest of the year that we have ahead of ourselves.
  • This week, new insight has been brought forth and my heart is now moving on.... no more guilt, no more pain, no more FEAR.
  • This week I walked in Faith with my EYES wide open and my HEART receptive. My entire being has been shaken and now I am aware of it ALL! Thank You God.
  • This week I have enjoyed my son and my husband to the max!
This weekend:

Hmmmm....we shall see....nothing really planned hope to relax and finally meet Little Miss. Hailey and another new born baby girl, Kimberly. Maybe even visit my friend...RUTHIE! Love you much!! :D

Hope your week was filled with TRUTH and revelation and the rest of this Lent season is a happy and prosperous one.

God is working on my little family of 3!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fatty Boy Tuesday:

I usually update about my son but today I want it to be about my husband. Someone who I am often really Thankful for but I don't think I tell him as much as I should. I think he always gets the complain-y, stressed and over stimulated version of me and it's not fair to him or you....

Ricardo has been in my life for almost 11 years in those 11 years he has been the support, the Faith, the Love, the honesty, the humor and whole-heartedness that has pulled me up from every single slip.

Last year Ricardo was laid-off after only a year at Baker Hughes. He has been a machinist for about 12 years now and has worked in huge and small machine shops. My husband works in an industry described by him and my girlfriend Casey's husband as a cold and negative place where camaraderie and mobility are wither not encouraged or just not found. Well Ricardo being the humble and honest person that he is has never allowed any of that bring him down, as I have learned that this feeling of solitude is better portrayed by the older gentleman rather than the younger ones like Ricardo and Casey's husband Jr, who have used their youth, intelligence and motivated souls to push through and be not only inspirations to others but to us as their wives as well.

I was surprised to learn that while Ricardo was on second shift at Baker last year he came home to tell me..."You'll never guess what the little guy before me listens to on his radio." (My husband is all the 6ft, 200+ lbs that he can be) To which I responded, "No Idea." "KSBJ" he said. Number one I never knew Ricardo paid attention to the fact that I always listen to KSBJ and number two I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that someone in their line of work would be a KSBJ listener. My husband has one of those hard exteriors with the inside filled with mush, but you didn't hear that from me.

Well on and off my husband usually comes to me from work or school with his own insight about newly found inspiration and motivation. He sees many humble, hardworking, and dedicated people as his hero’s. One of them is his father a quiet man, who has worked for many years to support many people. I know Ricardo attempts to be as a close a hardworking and quite man as he can be to his father. But if you know Ricardo you will know that he is NOT quiet. He is the complete opposite of what quiet can be. He is loud, outspoken and motivated to never allow others or himself be oppressed by "the man" but not really. If that makes sense. He, in other words, speaks his mind when he sees injustice and also knows how to respect authority and seniority. He is also extremely humorous and laughs loudly never caring as to who may or may not judge him.

I am indeed a HUGE KSBJ listener and love the DJ's especially the Morning Show with Mike and Susan and the afternoon Show with Liz Jordan and I follow anything and everything that they do. Well Liz Jordan has a blog which I follow and last year she posted this and the prayer: "God, raise him up in the eyes of the men he works with." It has forever been engraved in my brain and I pray it all the time and everyday for my husband. And then yesterday something awesome happened.

I was on Facebook, checking messages and what not and a chat pop up came up. It was Gabe an ex-co-worker of Ricardo from Baker. They worked together a year before Gabe was laid-off and about a month later Ricardo was laid off. Well he is in his 20's, about 26 I believe also a young Father to a baby boy. He started by asking how we were, how he sympathasized with our parental exhaustion. And then he told me that he had not found a job yet but was going back to school. He stated that Ricardo was one person that always drilled him about this. My husband and I are huge advocates of education amongst young Hispanic men and women. Any time that we can "preach" education we do. We know how hard it is to live in a big city, with no degree and be a minority. Ricardo has been a blue collar worker for almost 12 years, he blames his own poor choices for not having a degree so any time that he can assist, motivate, or just say "Go to school!", he does! I found Gabe's words to be an outcome of what Ricardo has a passion Ricardo never feels as if his words impact or motivate or even get listened to...but with that...I felt so moved... Gabe heard him and seems determined with  his choice.
Gabe then went on to mention Ricardo's sense of humor and how that humor about life got him through some bad days at Baker. Again my husband can be so modest and humble that he never feels like his sarcastic and sometimes rude humor will be heard by anyone, much less get them through a bad day....I explained to him that I know Ricardo's humor, it has carried me through many, many bad days for the past 11 years. This chat made my day and just inspired me to be more supportive and loving with my hubby. He IS my world and I want the world to know it!!!! 

Us 11 years ago..... 


They are both such a Blessing...  

Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Again Monday!

My weekend was awesome!

I felt VERY productive at my house and hope I can get one more room organized and cleared out! THEN.... a bigger project...the garage! Probably every woman's nightmare but an oasis of clean clothes for Well at least now that I wash Santi's clothes it motivates me to get through the laundry folding all those small shirts and pairing the "tiny" socks!

It's Monday work is busy but GOD has been even life I think is taking a turn for better and I love it. They say that after the Storm comes the calm but nothing matters as long as God is with me...Storm or no Storm all is well!

We also celebrated my nieces 5th Birthday just yesterday she was sooo tiny and today 5 years old! She is very shy and silly and just a smart whole hearted little girl!

We got our grocery shopping done and went to mass on Sunday, we have not been able to attend regularly but Lent has pushed me back into my Faith grooooove! God is amazing. This morning I was praising and praying all the way to work and it's just amazing to see how with God you can turn anything bad into something wonderful! I love Him!!! Let promises to be one of TRUTH!

Just can't wait for the GREAT week ahead....praying for further FOCUS and MORE LOVE!

Have a GRAND WEEK everyone!!!!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Are we there yet Thursdays? & Thank GOD it's Friday!!

I think I will have to start combing these two because it seems like by Wednesday my week has already gotten out of control. I tend to loose track of time by Thursday and ALWAYS forget to post! Haha. This week has been seemingly more difficult than others. I have been trying to keep up with this Blog plus give focused and substantial "Fast" blogs on my Awesome Journey Blog.

But, none the less here we are...FRIDAY! Thank GOD!!! We like every weekend...HAVE PLANS! We just never seem to rest!


• Pick up CAKE for Suzzie's (My God-Daughter and Cousin's child) Bday party

• Go to Suzzie's 5TH BDAY! Time sure does FLY.....(I think this will be Santiago's 2nd Children's party..but really his first...if that makes sense...Ha.



• Go to Noemi and Karla's B-Day party, my husband's nieces...they turn 4 and 7 I believe... :D

In between all this we must finish cleaning our house, organize Santi's room...

I must MUST organize my computer room

I MUST catch up on my "Fast" Blog!

And ohh yeah....Eat, Sleep, and Breath!

Have a wonderful weekend....Houston is suppose to be a rainy and cold mess but we will see...we just never know! :D

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fatty Boy Tuesday:

Month 5 (February 16, 2010)


Without a doubt a child changes everything. And, every time I sit and focus on how beautiful, happy and healthy our child is I can’t help but weep. The tears though are those of giving THANKS. I often look back my life and think about Santiago and wonder what could I have done right to deserve someone so wonderful in my life. Meaning I have not been the best person but my son, he makes me feel not only like the BEST person but like the MOST BLESSED person!

Santiago has proven to bring life, light and pure LOVE into our lives. He is just filled with so much happiness and can brighten any dark spot in my life.

He is discovering his limits not only physically (as he turns over on his belly, sits up unassisted and jumps to the sky in his jumper; THANKS TO JOANI AND CLAUDIA THAT THING IS AWESOME!) but, also his ability to capture EVERYONES attention. I feel like he really does know that, that toothless smile makes us melt over and over again and that his “dancing, concentration and determination” on that jumper makes us marvel at his every move. He is now yelling just to see who will run and crying just to see who will pick him up. He loves seeing smiley happy faces and doesn’t like to be alone an attachment issue inherited from his father and at times me…

The oohhh-ing and ahhh-ing only increased this month and speculations of what he will sound like when he talks or how fast he will makes us run when he starts walking are talked about everyday. Already we know number one we have an active one and number two…the mouth…..the talking…yea another inheritance from his momma and daddy! He is already gruting, uuuhh-ing and ahhhh-ing as if trying to tell us all about his very adventurous day! God only knows what kind of tight spots he puts his grandma and great-grandma in all day!!! He is the sparkle in my eye, the joy in my heart and chipper-ness in my life!

Again, I can’t even remember what my life was like before him, from day one it seemed like I knew him and had him in my life forever.


• He started going to Nana “Daycare” (Grandma's house to be taken care of!) since my husband started school in Jan. and I think he does really well. Ricardo feels like he “knows” his routine and the fact that daddy drops off and mommy picks up. Either way after a LOOOONG day at work rushing to his grandmothers house to just see him and hold him….makes it all better. He smiles every time as if saying “You were gone a long time!?” His smile and the lighting up of the eyes, as if he hasn’t seen you in years, never gets old.

• He is finally sitting unassisted. I want to credit the Bumbo seat with my co-worker Du-Ha was soooo awesome to give me! After a couple of days of practicing in it we sat him on the bed propped him up and watched as he caught his balance and SAT! It was great. He looks like a little Monkey. He smiled and was amazed at his accomplishment. We were nervous but ranting and raving two seconds later about how he sat on his own. In light of this he thinks he’s a man and doesn’t want to lay down for anything!

• Which leads to his 3rd highlight, he wants to STAND, yes STAND in his baby tub and be showered. He no longer likes to lay in it. He can barely sit on his own but he wants me to hold him standing up as I pour water over his head like a shower. He is strong and will not take, NO, for an answer…. So bath time is now limited until I find a solution! He half way sat for about 10 minutes and would lay down until I sat him up or stood him up which is very tiring. But, I guess that’s babies and BOYS for that matter! :D

• So we started feeding him cereals and making fruit and veggie purees so that he could try them. Well initially he hated everything but saw it as a new concept and jumped at the spoon as it left the bowl. As of Valentine’s weekend he is eating FULL bowls of sweet potato, rice cereal and banana’s and apples! He is very active though and I can see him burning all those calories already! Which leads me to a concern, should that concern me, the amount he eats at his age?

• He did have his first antibiotic this month for a rumbling noise in his chest…which with the meds is still not better. So, I will have to ask the doctor again.

• He now loves pictures, after 5 months of me shoving the camera in his face he knows what it is, when to pose and when he has just about had enough of it!


• That he can yell

• That he can sit

• That he can eat from a spoon

• That he has toes

• That he can jump and control how high and when he stops

• That he has control over EVERYONE in our house!

• That he has a new baby cousin who cries in a very peculiar way....he stares at Olin as if thinking…you’re such a baby… lol.

• That he can produce all types of reactions by the simplest of accomplishments.



• Organization

• Time management

• Sleeping

• Clipping Coupons/ Finding good Baby Sales

• Keeping up with buying diapers and wipes

• Knowing WHEN to call the Dr.

• Getting him to sleep more at night than during the day.

• Getting him to eat and drink.

• Teaching him that mom and dad have to get things done around the house

• Teething still not sure if it’s painful or bothersome….but he still gets some Orajel and/or his teether just in case.

Height: 26 ½ Inches—90th percentile for his age; Same as last month (Until our next Dr’s visit)

Weight: 16.5 lbs—75th percentile for his age; Same as last month (Until our next Dr’s visit)

Next doctor’s visit: at 6 months in March

What to look forward to:

At this point just about everything!

• We do have a Photo Shoot soon after Santiago turns 6 months so I can’t wait to compare photos from when he was 6 weeks to now at 6 months.

• Crawfish season and his “Crawfish” outfit.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Again Monday!

I say that with an almost frantic YELL! Just seems like my week goes by EXTREMLY fast and I get almost nothing done!

Work has been steadily busy which is more than expected but I obviously still have some down time.... for my writing.....

But, once I leave here it seems like chaos hits; I run to my mother-in-laws to get my lil'chunk, then home to TRY and get something done....between traffic and getting the baby together and in and out of peoples just flies...from the moment I wake at 6am until I make it home at 6pm, I practically get no slow time mentally or physically. Especially these days at work, I was pregnant most of last year and then gone on maternity leave so I had forgotten what running back and forth between buildings and within the office was like. But much needed and appreciated! I love that I have a job and I love that more times than not my job allows me to display my talents. I may complain to those who talk to me regularly Jess, Yvonne, Casey and Ricardo but in the end.... it's a Blessing!

This week promises to be busy:

  • Lent begins Wednesday
  • Mai's burns down
  • Santi turns 5 MONTHS!
  • Ricardo has a job fair at school!
  • I have SO much to do at home!
  • I have sooo much to do this weekend....
  • Ricardo keeps saying "We HAVEN'T gone to Church!" :(

FOCUS! God will guide me!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~Praise and Worship Wednesday~

Today I am researching, reviewing and reading....just thinking...clearing my head and thoughts....hoping to have some clarity, some light and  a LOT of GRACE!

I clicked on to see what their scripture of the day was.... how appropriate....

“[Love] If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing.”- 1 Corinthians 13:1-3

Seeking Answers:
  • Fasting
  • Relationships
  • Moving on
  • Going back to Church
  • Praying more
  • Peace of mind
  • Letting go
  • Forgiving
  • Confronting
  • Conforming
I am seeking out the Lord, Old friends, family and new friends!

This is how I feel....drained....but I know HE is with me.

God will help out...HE WILL WORK IT OUT!

Be Blessed.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fatty Boy Tuesday:

This is a bit overdue and Santiago will be 5 months in only 7 days but still better late than NEVER!

Month 4:

It is impossible to put into words the feeling, the rewards and happiness that come with meeting and being with your baby every day. It’s SO true that EVERYTHING changes after you have a baby. For me that everything has become Santiago, I am consumed EVERYDAY more and more by him! I love how he is developing into his only little chunky piece of sunshine! He loves to smile and “talk”. He is very active when awake and a sound sleeper when asleep. He loves to explore and play with his toes, has learned to grab and can almost hold his own bottle. I THINK by next month he should be doing a lot on his own. His next doctors visit is Jan. 19th, we will get a weight and height update and a possible upgrade on his feeding…some cereals! Note to husband: NOT Fruit Loops and Cocoa Puffs. In all this month has been filled with a lot of “oooohhhh look look look!” and “OMG!!!! COME SEE THIS!” He has developed awesome arm and leg strength and just continues to evolve as an intelligent little person! He very much knows who will do what for him and at what cost. We are now in the danger zone of not with mommy…so let’s try daddy…and one of us always caves in…spoiling this child is not an option….he will be very disappointed once baby number 2 happens. He has a semi-routine; I say semi-routine because I have learned to agree to disagree with the Pedi. Now I know he went to school 6 years longer than I did and that he may well be a father of 3 but MOTHER really does know best. He wanted me to give Santiago a “routine” and put him to bed in his own room, but that turned out to be not only a difficult and heartbreaking situations but just NEARLY impossible. He was crying night after night and I was so exhausted with getting used to my own routine that getting him fed, a bath, story time, prayer and into bed was just too overwhelming! Well after 4 months, we are now in a semi-routine; feeding, bath, more feeding, maybe a book or TV or some type of strenuous activity that will wear him out, prayer, and then bed. He also started “walking” in his walker, though they are not at all recommended by doctors, due to safety hazards he loves it! He is not easily entertained though and in order for him to be as happy as can be things, situations and people must constantly change to please him. NO joke. He is what you could call… high maintenance but I suspect that most babies are. He is indeed a VERY VERY HAPPY BABY. He hates for you to clip his nails and has given himself a couple of signature scars on his nose. He loves, loves to take baths. And, I am sure that I have forgotten something but it will hopefully come to me later. In all we are more, more than happy we are in Love with the Love of our lives and could NOT ask for anything more!




  • Recouping from going back to work…. YES still.

  • Hair loss, I am going bald, almost completely.

  • Dealing with my body and its flabby skin…belly and boobs

  • Dealing with my fluctuating weight

  • Being exhausted and wanting to just spend soo much time with the baby.

  • Time management

  • Teething; drooling and pain

  • Hair loss; he has his own little receding hair line

  • Sleep pattern; He is still NOT sleeping through the night and some nights are better than others. I refuse to let him cry throughout the night.

  • Getting him out of the tub! He loves to bathe!
After his visit on Jan 19th-
Height: 26 ½ Inches—90th percentile for his age

Weight: 16.5 lbs—75th percentile for his age

Next doctor’s visit: at 6 months

What to look forward to: This month Santiago not only further developed his motor skills but also his social skills. He loves to “talk” and is fascinated by his father. He has learned new games and LOVES to smile he is the light that brightens up my heart and the fills the room with joy! This month we discovered that he can sit up, stand up and walk (assisted). He loves his jumper and his bouncer as long as lights, bells and whistles are going off. He loves to watch TV and explore new books, he is very, very attracted by colors and loves to hear mommy's hands clap and daddy game of "slap"…YES slap him from head to toes, very gently but trust me Santiago is all boy. He plays this, along with several other overly dramatic and characteristic games that if I told you my husband would die of embarrassment. Let’s just say his imagination has definitely evolved with the arrival of Santiago as he attempts to amaze him everyday more and more so that he can see those beautiful big dark brown eyes twinkle and that toothless smile every minute of every hour of everyday!

Monday, February 8, 2010


I had the busiest of weekends and it has been one of those Monday's, I was late and I have to be here late for a meeting.

This weekend we had the FINAL "Baby Shower" for my sister which as of Jan. 29th was converted into Javier Olin's Welcome party. It was an amazing display of Love and showering of Blessings for my sister. I am VERY very Thankful for EVERYONE who came and showed their love in such incredible ways. Thank You to everyone who HELPED us accomplish this and who has been there for us the last 3 months. It has been a rollercoaster of absolute emotion, FAITH and trials!

My sister has embarked on the most BLESSED of journeys and I pray that the Lord guides her and protects her and my little Viejito (Old Man), J. Olin! As well as creates the most amazing father out of Rafa, the daddy. They are both very Blessed to have lived this experience, many wait a lifetime for an opportunity to be parents and to become parents is a true gift beyond words can describe. They are young parents who have an entire life ahead of themselves to enjoy and cherish each other and their son! I am proud of both and am so happy for them!

Thankfully though this little series of events is over because they are so overwhelming and stressful, but I know they are Blessed moments.

Today I start a new week of Hope and challenges and GOD will be here with me to help me through. Already SO much light has been shed and so much truth has been exposed, I am here, quiet still and waiting!

Have a wonderful and extremely Blessed week!!!

Hope it doesn't rain too bad!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thank GOD it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO! I have been in the DIRTIEST of ugliest of slumps! We are all human and we ALL have moments like this where it ALL weighs you down and you don't know why or how but I never, NEVER loose Faith that the SHINE will come back...and as it's FRIDAY AND GUESS WHAT....THE's a coming BACK! I am feeling GREAT! Soooo motivated and sooo happy!

I have a wonderful weekend ahead of me:
  • Saturday- Olin's welcome party at my mom's if I have not invited you all already well come on down!
  • Sunday/Fun-day- Cleaning, Church and then Super Bowl!

Next week...well that's all in God's hands...this week has been about QUIET. Allowing God to work, allowing God to reveal and ALLOWING GOD!

Matthew 6:34 (New International Version)

34Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Thank You to ALL the beautiful Women of Christ who are in my life day after day. They one by one impact my life and motivate me to move forward and remind me of God's promise and MY PURPOSE!!!

I think I am back!!! SHINE ON, SHINE ON!!!!!!

Have a WONDERFUL and BLESSED weekend!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fatty Boy Tuesday:

This Tuesday I have to add a 3rd fatty.....although he really isn't THAT fat at all....His name is Javier Olin and here is his story..... I just hope that my recollection of this event meausures up and that people can appreciate it and Love it as much as I do!

Javier Olin Rodriguez:

If you would have told me almost 4 years ago that my sister and Ricardo’s cousin would end up together and ultimately have a baby, I would said “yeah right!” Not that there is anything wrong with either of them, just that it would have not seemed feasible. My sister was never going to have children and I saw Ricardo’s cousin, Rafa, grow up…so he was like a baby to me! At any rate the year is 2010 and Jessica and Rafa just had their first baby, Javier Olin. He was born January 29th and this is how it all happened.

First some background information. My sister and Rafa started dating after a very daring Rafa, made the most assertive comment that my sisters problem to not having or meeting the right guy was that and I quote; “She hasn’t met me.” Yes that she had not met him. Well I got married in 2006 and at that time Rafa made his “move”, and my sister….well she fell in Love. After many a years they have made it through and are still together… and NOW have such a Beautiful Blessing to keep them together for the rest of their lives. My sister is very strong as an individual and confident. Rafa is just the same together they are an explosive but deeply caring couple. Well our families are now linked so tightly that we may never get away from each other, Haha.

Around Christmas time my sister gave us the very unexpected but welcomed news that she was having a baby and that she was having a BOY! With no time to waste we hurried and got together everything and everyone possible to make this baby feel LOVED, welcomed and safe. Jess had a very good pregnancy having little discomfort and of course at the end having lots of “I am sooo ready for this to be over!” feelings. It was Thursday and Jess went in for her weekly check up after 2 visits where she was dilated to a 3 then a 4, well she was now a 5! The doctor said you can’t wait any longer you will have the baby tomorrow. Jess without hesitation notified us and went on about her day, she had to get some last minute baby shopping and nesting done. She was told to check in around 5am Friday morning ….. No one slept that night and my dad came in from Louisiana.

Friday January 29th:

5am –Jess and Rafa call in to see if they can come on in…but there are no rooms available.

5:50am ---My mom txt me to know if I was awake and did I know anything about Jess yet…I fell back asleep! Lol.

7:30 --- I called and txt Jess, who said she wouldn’t be going to the hospital until 9 or 10am cause there were still no rooms available.

Around 10 am Jess and Rafa arrive to the Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital in the Medical Center and are told they may possibly go home….it’s almost 2 minutes later that Rafa txt me and states that she is having the baby today since she is already 6cm dilated and her contractions are about 5 minutes apart.

By 12pm Jess is admitted into the hospital and in bed ready for what’s to come. Her doctor was as laid back and as cool as her. Her contractions were growing stronger and her doctor advised the nurse to add some Pitocin to her IV so that the contractions could intensify and she could dilate faster. Around that same time he breaks her water bag and predicts that by 3pm the baby will be born.

For the next 3 hours Jess lay in pain, she was quite and breathing and patient. She requested her epidural and was still waiting for it to kick in, her labor pains grew and we all began to get nervous and inpatient.

Around 3pm the doctor came in and checked on her…still no progress and the 3 o’clock prediction was out the window. The doctor ordered for more Pitocin and predicted 5pm. We waited some more and nothing…she was a possible 7cm by then. Well after a couple of hours her pain medicine kicked in and she was feeling pain but not as strong. She was still laying on her back but a bit more comfortable.….the nurse suggested that Jess should lay on her side so that it could ease her pain some more. Around 4:20pm I stepped out to check on my baby who was at his grandmothers, and to call my husband with updates…I also called my mom who had stepped out for a bit. I finished talking and about 4:30 I went back to the room only to find Jess completely sitting up and lots of movement going on around her…I asked what happened and the nurse said she’s 9 1/2cm! In a matter of minutes she had almost fully dilated and was almost fully effaced! She was all smiles and had no idea what was to come… Rafa went from worried and weary to even MORE worried and weary!

The nurse prepared the area for the delivery and the doctor proceeded to the labor part of her delivery. She labored for about 25mins and the doctor was almost completely devastated that he would miss the 5 pm mark …..and at about 5 minutes to 5 we saw a full head of hair, the doctor and nurse scrambled to get everything together and catch the baby. About 10 minutes before that my mom had walked in on the labor and was standing looking on very worried. I remember Rafa standing about 3 feet away from the bed in complete amazement as to what the female body can go through, probably completely beside himself, at the sight of his baby’s head he got teary eyed and took a deep breath. Seconds later it seemed, the doctor excited and full of adrenaline said, “Whoa, hold on push that head back in!” At about 5pm the doctor proceeded after several strong and energy wasting pushes from my sister, to pull the baby out and at 5:04pm, Javier Olin full of life and yelling for help, was born! The room filled with excitement and Love and there was not a dry eye in that delivery room the second we saw Olin! Rafa walked over and kissed my sister both still trembling from the absolute miracle that they had both just been a part of and in tears as their emotions took over. Those uncontrollable emotions of pure and instinctual Love just overcome anyone and everyone. He was the tiniest 6.6lbs but a fighter, filled with strength and life. The instant love that you feel for a baby is a feeling that I will never cease to be amazed about. You just want to wrap your entire heart around them and never let go.

I never thought that the year after I delivered my little miracle, my one and only Love, my BABY sister would deliver her first baby as well. People repeat to me everyday how they don’t stay little forever and we should cherish those moments. My advice to Jess and Rafa…Cherish his entire life time.

In all, this is just a recap of what we went through on January 29th, but words cease to exist and nothing can compare to what Jessica, Rafa, my mom and I lived through in that room. Life, Love and Family all in a matter of seconds. Now and forever no matter what happens Rafa and Jess will have a bond that NO ONE, NO ONE can take away. I wish them all the absolute best and as I pray every night and repeat it here cause I mean it, “Dear God Bless my sister, Rafa and Olin MORE than you have Blessed me..because they deserve it!”

How do you follow that....welll I won't....I was going to post updates about my husband and son..but I want people to live for Javier Olin today....

Monday, February 1, 2010


Ha. Funnily enough my last Blog was on a Monday. SO much has happened since my last time here.... so much to update about...and all to be done with in so little time... I promise to be caught up by the end of this week...


Traffic was smooth, my morning coffee was hot (lie: I don't drink coffee, but the line sorta fit..), got into work and only to find that my husband left his cell in my purse....good excuse to see him at lunch time...

My weekend was FAB. My nephew was born and my sister is amazing. We spent all weekend visiting the little ones and we are so excited to finally have little Olin with us. The last 3 days have been a true adventure and we are now ready for this new "stage" in our lives. There is no doubt that children change your entire state of mind, being and existence! I am certain that my sister and Rafa will have many Blessings and reasons to be happy and succeed as a beautiful new family.

This week I have sooo much to do:
  • Get my HOUSE organized!
  • Wash clothes
  • Update
  • Get ready for Jess's final shower
  • Get my grocery shopping done
  • Help my cousins sis in law
  • I am sure there are many many more
  • Find a hotel room for the wedding in Dallas in March