Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Month 6 (March 16, 2010)


6 months ago today....
My husband and I, hit our knees and Thanked God! ♥

My husband and I, praised Him for the Blessings that He provides us EVERYDAY!

I gave the Lord his life and my ♥ heart as a Mother.

I fell in Love ♥ for the second time in my 28 years.

I discovered peace.

I began a new stage in my life.

I gave in to chaos.

I brought life into this world.

I became a Mother.

I gave my whole heart to those big brown eyes, round cheeks, stinky toes and fluffy lips.

I learned what taking a poop in a diaper REALLY meant.

A toothless grin took my breath away ♥.

I became the one who has to feed, diaper, and burp.

I took up a new hobby, Mommy hood.

I embraced the face of FAITH.

I was sliced and diced to form a family.

I learned a new kind of appreciation for my Mother.

I was Blessed with a new kind Love; unselfish, pure and unconditional.

I started to love the smell of powdered milk around the neck and dirty baby clothes.

I gave EVERYTHING up to God and know that life will be great from now on.

I further learned that this life is no longer about ME!

My biggest concern became Huggies or Pampers.

My budget no longer involved going to NY & Company or getting my hair and nails done.

“Me” time became non-existential and I no longer cared!

Life began to make so much sense.

And Life became so much sweeter!

I fulfilled a Godly purpose in my life.

I achieved one of my biggest goals.

I endured one of my biggest challenges.

I THANKED God for allowing me to experience such an awesome journey!


• He had his fist fall! Please refer to the previous post :


• With the fall his FIRST visit to the ER.

• He took his first big boy bath!! In the tub with many toys!

• He was sick for the first time…not the best time for anyone. It’s so hard to see your happy baby be grumpy and sad all the time.

• He met his Great Grandpa Pascual from Reynosa and his Aunties!

• He visited his Great Grandpa’s tomb, Don Victor Ramirez (May he rest in Peace) .

• He attended his first lunch date at the Kemah Boardwalk.

• He went on his second road trip to a wedding in Dallas!

• He met Tia Raquel from Atlanta, Georgia.

• He stayed OVER night at his Granny’s house while Mommy and Daddy had a night out…

• Had his first play date with his Tia Yaya! :D


• That he has mommy wrapped around his finger.

• That falls are scary….

• That he loves to see the water fall from the faucet.

• That he can undo his own diaper…YES!



• Organization

• Time management

• Leaving Santi to do Volunteer work

• Going to church with a 6 month old without there being chaos.

• Leaving Santi to go to work every day.


• Teething still not sure if it’s painful or bothersome….but he still gets some Orajel and or his teether just in case.

• Being sick, fever and cough.

• Going to the hospital.

Height: (Until our next Dr’s visit)

Weight: 19 lbs— (Until our next Dr’s visit)

Next doctor’s visit: on March 25th for his 6 month check up.

What to look forward to:

• At this point just about everything and anything!

• We do have a Photo Shoot soon after Santiago turns 6 months so I can’t wait to compare photos from when he was 6 weeks to now at 6 months.

• Crawfish season and his “Crawfish” outfit.

• Maybe some crawling.

• Maybe some sitting completely unassisted.

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