Sunday, March 14, 2010

What A difference a year makes....

I have always said that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. And in the same way I feel like PEOPLE happen to us for a reason....and for every season..there is a reason...or a person. 

I have met MANY wonderful women in my life, some already gone and some that have just begun. Friendship amongst women goes further than a "Hi, how are you?", it's all about the "What did you wear to the concert?" And "Did you WATCH IDOL last night?!" Women are rare and specific creatures, but we rarely pick who we will befriend, usually it just happens and as I have been witness to MANY a times, when it happens wonderfully it's more than just a friendly reminder that there are other people out there like you, it's like finding a diamond amongst all the coals.

I have been VERY Blessed to have a sister, or as my much younger counterpart, Yaya, would say a "Sista' "! Said this way it gives the word; heart, soul and depth and I love it. But, I have ALSO been VERY Blessed to have friends, who I can and would call, my "Sista' ". One of these women happens to be my husband's aunt, Yolanda, and another one, her Sista' Raquel. I often seek words of advice, encouragement and peace from both of these great ladies. And looking back it's been a very purposeful journey, I have learned as a "young" wife and mother, that you can be bold, determined, ambitious, and a dreamer. Why am I going on and on about friends and how great they can be...because today I saw a friend who I don't see often as a matter of fact the last time I saw this woman, I was 5 months pregnant and as I was ready to embark on a very remarkable journey, she too set sail into a new life! Raquel I don't see you often and you are not my sista' (that way at least) but girl I love you and am glad to call you my "sista' " from another mother! 

Thank You for your smile and your heart. You and Yolanda have been awesome to me. 
Raquel and I; June 2009

Raquel and I; March 2010

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