Friday, May 14, 2010

Is it Really Friday!?!? THANK GOD!

Dear Blog Reader! I have no idea where to start! HAHA. I have had a long and crazy week... the countdown is on and I have SO much MORE to do this weekend.

They say that after the storm comes the calm...well I am smack dab in the middle of a hurricane/tornado/earthquake! Be back when it's over..Ha.

In the mean time. I am trying to evolve my Blog and find true balance in myself.

Being a Godly Wife and Mother is my priority.

Being a hardworking employee and dedicated Daughter and Sister is difficult but obtainable.

I really want others to follow my Blog sooo please feel free to share! And you can follow and not have a Blog... I want to be able to have people sign up for an email update....trying to figure it all out!!!!

Be back sooooon!

Have a BLESSED and Wonderful Weekend!!!!!!!!

I made this on Mother's at 2 months preggers, then 8months and Sanitago at almost 8 MONTHS!