Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Updates on Tuesday:

Since I have an 8 month newsletter coming up for Santiago..I will wait to update you on him....

And, since I am now at the 6 day count down for Ricardo to leave for his Internship...I will wait to update you on him as well...

Instead another topic...one that I love ♥ ... because I am one...


I know my Blogs had been lacking order and consistency...I was "seeking" and in a bit of an emotional turmoil due to an illness in my family. My dear Aunt Lola in Detroit. Love You Tia.

Please keep her in your prayers...she is an awesome Woman of Faith.

I started Blogging in 2008, when I got a new job during the 2008 Presidential election. For those of you who don’t know me; I went from a 7 year job at Texas Children’s Hospital to graduating college and thinking that I wanted a "change", I moved on to be a “Case Worker” for the then Worksource now Workforce Solutions, after a much draining 2 years I again “thought” I needed change, geeeshhh, undecisive 20-something woman without kids, Ha. So I ended up taking a “Community” job with the county, which is where I am now, smile. A lot of “change” was obviously happening, in my idea of what I wanted my “career” to be, my personal life as far as wanting a family and in my heart with God.

Taking on a job that I knew would be very interesting and well, career changing to say the least, going from the high pace and over populated hospital and case worker setting to the very demure and “posh”, “truly corporate desk job” in a government office, that quickly faded and I soon realized I needed an outlet to express, to think and to just let others know. I was quickly inspired by a sarcastically witty and just down to the ground REAL Working Mommy Blogger. Because in the end…we all work even if it’s at home with our children all day or both home and an outside job. Shortly after I started my own Blog and went into it with no absolute notion or direction and simply started by reading other Mommy Blogs and with my own curiosity at how “good” a "writer" I could become. Two years later, I still have NO idea what I am doing, writing wise! Ha. But, I do IT, none the less. I love to write, to share and hear feedback! I like being a “Mommy Blogger” even though I don’t have my own show like Mrs. Armstrong or get paid to do it. I just do it.
Every day though I can’t stop thinking of how to make things better and improve my “skills” so,  I often seek out inspiration and motivation in others' and their "stories". As well as others' Blogs, always drawing back to my own experiences and of course the biggest and best inspiration in the last 2 years is a little boy named Santiago. Because of him the “inspiration” that, finds me is in other and of other moms. I also just LOVE reading others’ blogs.

Here are some women who I have found just awesome to inspire in many areas of my life:

Lysa Terkeurst Faith and Mom Blogger

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Monique Catholic Chick Blogger

Candida Mommy Blogger

Marsha Texas Mommy Blogger

Many Women Faith Bloggers


Dã Quỳ said...

Just write as you wanna! Just write to spread out your feeling, that's all!

That's why I love to write (but in Vietnamese, of course).

Connie Leon said...

Well you are doing a great job in English so don't give up on that either! :D

Monique said...

Awww...thanks! Hugs!! I just emailed you.