Monday, May 10, 2010

Not Again Monday!?

Good Day All!

I had an awesome FIRST Mother’s Day!!!!

I spent it with Family; my mom, my husband’s mom and my sister also a new mom….who when my husband went to greet her and hugged her looked at her and said… “YOU’RE A MOM!” LOL. He then turned to me…”Connie, She’s a mom!?” With a big smile they both looked at each other in amazement…who would have thought that in 2010 my little sister and I would BOTH be celebrating our FIRST Mother’s Day! That is a joy just in itself….not to mention those two beautiful boys who we have the honor of calling our Sons! In all I couldn’t have had a better day and more wonderful time with my family!

That was only Sunday! Ha.

Because we are now at 7 days from Ricardo’s trip… We now, have LOTS to do:
  • Fix Cars           
  • Pack
  • Square away bills
  • “Possible” joint Bank Accounts…my eyes twinkle. Haha. As my husband has sheer panic on his face! Haha.
  • And tons of other fun things! :D
 I am looking forward to a very productive week and also a very emotional weekend.

In the mean time ....I was reading some news and found out that a sexual predator killed himself this morning in a Galveston jail. And that led to me seeking out those predators in my area all I can do is pray...for them and for our children's safety and well being.... But here is the site, be aware:

Houston Predator Check

I know that's a very sour note to end this day with but I hope you have a great day!

Be Blessed.