Friday, June 18, 2010

Chunk Update!

Santiago (My Sunshine of a Chunk)

Month 9 (June 16, 2010)


This month can be summed up in one word: Exhaustion.

Oh and have I mentioned, Exhaustion.

No really ONE WORD…exhausted. Ha.

Between being emotionally drained from attempting to be a “single mom” to missing my husband tremendously this month has been well EXHAUSTING! Ha.

The “single mom” part, my husband and I are still VERY much in LOVE and together, probably more so now than EVER but he is away on an Internship in Mississippi. We realize how much we need one another and how much we need Santiago and he needs us! That topped with the fact that my son has over night become more than active it’s like he has sprouted extra arms and legs. It feels as if my child takes a triple shot espresso and a Redbull every morning (WHICH HE DOESN'T!)! But you know what I mean. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? I LOOOOVE it and we are SOOO Blessed to have such a healthy and active son!!!!

He stands, he sits, he pushes, he jumps, he leaps, he shakes, he smiles, he sings, he cracks up, he give me peace, he gives me comfort and company, he is LIFE and he is a TRUE gift from my Almighty Lord! He thinks he can walk, he thinks he can swim, he thinks he is a 20 year old adult man and even flirts! He LOVES girls. He loves to play and be read to and oh yes he thinks he can read so he reads... He is just my most Blessed little man.

This month has been very, very emotional. I have had to handle and deal with a lot of firsts with Santiago on my own and it’s not easy. My hat goes off to single moms around the world and if I ever thought that my husband wasn’t as much help as he should be…I was wrong. Very wrong. It’s a difficult task to create a safe and happy life for your child on your own, not saying it’s impossible but I can now see what it would be like for a single mom, for whom I pray find peace and energy to fulfill their roles. I have so much respect for moms as it is, but to be a single mom, I wish you many Blessings.

Aside from having to refuel myself and remind myself that he will eventually fall asleep, HAHAHA? (Laughs nervously, haha.) It’s been a great month! We got to visit my Hubchub and Santiago had his first mini-vacation! We are definitely Blessed.

This month Santiago taught me that life is simple and we should all just be happy, because of his pure soul and tiny heart I see life, the light and God every day. His smile melts me in so many ways. His laughter gives me TRUE hope for my future. And, his little bitty face and gorgeous deep brown eyes remind me why God has brought me to this day and to this very moment. With him I too am learning to be as independent and free as he is. I am also learning that life has no limits and EVERY day is a learning day!


* Santiago’s two upper front teeth started to come through.

* He now crawls, EVERYWHERE!

* He is pulling himself up and standing EVERYWHERE!

* He HAS GAINED self confidence and thinks he can walk, leap, jump off of things, stand on his own, and do just about anything and everything possible, no real walking yet but soon I hope.

* He is VERY vocal now, KNOWS exactly what to do to get your attention, how to “ask” for more and how to “ask” for help amongst other very amusing sounds and gestures!!

* He LOVES to play with his Grandparents, tiring them out beyond their wildest imaginations; I think some days they wish they had stunt doubles, I KNOW I DO!

* He is VERY spoiled by EVERYONE.

* He is very, very good at sleeping at night now, pretty much through the night, out at 10pm up at 6:30am. Mostly due to his SUPER EXTREMELY ACTIVE days! Not a bad thing, I am Blessed to have a HAPPY and HEALTHY baby!

* He does this really super cute grabbing of his food with his thumb and index finger — the "pincer grasp." He looks like a little crab! :D

* He LOVES to Shake, bang, drop, and throw things. I even made him shakers from pasta and plastic container…it’s super cheap and easy!


* That he looooves FOOD!!

* That he LOVES WATER!!! BEACH, POOL, TUB, anything where he can pretend to know how to swim and dive! He loves it.

* Everyday holds and new and exciting adventure for him, he knows that there are no limits and loves to explore!

* He has discovered that there is a whole new world out there and I DON’T THINK we can stop him from here.

* He also loves his Dad. Everything his dad does amazes him and HE can do NO wrong!



· Saying NO in a way that he understands.

· Finding new and creative ways to keep him from being bored. (i.e.Shakers and Flashcards)

· Fears of my child being harmed, just in general.

· Fears of my child being sick or diagnosed with some type of illness.

· Fears of SIDS.

[But, God is with us and He will only allows us to experience what He knows we can handle, and it’s always better to be informed and know that things do happen and that at times you cannot be there to prevent them BUT the more you know and are ready for every situation the better. BUT I know GOD will NOT leave us or forsake us!]


· Separation Anxiety, ESPECIALLY AFTER NAPS! And in this last week or so when I leave him at his Grandma’s house for the day…..he clenches to my arm and it just breaks my heart.

· Not getting his way and throwing fits and yes even holding his breath. Which is totally normal, I hear!

· Hitting others

· Being bored

· Having to wake up early to be taken to his place of daily care, his GranMa’s house.

· Being easily scared by new objects AND sounds, like mom and dad’s laugh, it really freaks him out.

Height: 29 5/8 Inches —90th percentile

Weight: 20.8 lbs---50th percentile

Next doctor’s visit: At 1 YEAR of age! (3 months)

What to look forward to:
* His Baptism.

* His first Birthday!!! Only 3 months away.

* The ZOO!

* The Museum.


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