Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Half way done....

.....the month that is!

Today my Santiago  is 9 months!

9 months of being an absolute Blessing.
9 months of growth and health.
9 months of learning and mimicking.
9 months of mischief and tantrums.
9 months of exploring and laughing, and OH MY what a laugh!
9 months of giving my life, our life, pure sunshine and joy!
9 months of mommy's full recovery from carrying him and the delivery, Jenny McCarthy was RIGHT!
9 months of fears and worry but all has been handed over to the Lord.
9 months of meeting and greeting, Santiago is so social and happy.
9 months of grace and Faith.
9 months of those BEAUTIFUL brown eyes, those GORGEOUS round cheeks and those Stinky little toes! I love him to pieces!

9 months is how long it took for him to "cook", he was then born a perfect little bun! He has since filled my life with not only pure and honest love but Sunshine, Faith and Motivation. I can't express the Love, the immense Love that I feel when I see him, hear of him and hold him.

Santiago in 9 months has already had a long list of adventures, I can't wait to see what the years to come will bring! We are definitely in the talks about Baby Number 2, I hate to call my next child Baby Number 2...Ha. We are waiting for a second Blessing. When? Who knows but he or she will be MORE than welcome. God has already Blessed us so much that my heart can't imagine being more Blessed but God can do that!!! He can Bless us SO much that even we can't believe it! I love that!

In this month Santiago made a much anticipated trip to see his Daddy on location..HA. He sounds like a movie star, no far from it my husband is a hard working, loving Father and Student. And, his current set is Life, location Mississippi! Pascagoula, Mississippi that is and it's been a true experience for him. So, we went out there to see what all the fuss was about...and well...we fell in love!

Santiago also made the trip to Seaside, Florida to visit his Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky, Ha ha. The entire trip was a true Blessing in just 4 days! We took our Memorial day ventures to a whole new level but it was well worth it.

This month Santiago and I also had a photo shoot with my more than wonderful BFF Casey, please check her out, HERE.

It has definitely been a very busy month for my little one and a lot of adjusting for the summer for Mommy as well. In all we are surviving and there are only 8 1/2 more weeks until Daddy comes home. I don't know if I have expressed this enough, but being a "Single Mom" is a real challenge! I appreciate my husband now more than ever and I also appreciate Mom's in general. In all I think we are surviving...did I say that already!? Ha. Maybe it's the sleep deprivation, lack of adult conversation or just all around exhaustion.

I planned to update you tomorrow about my Santi with pictures and all but I think it will be a 2 or maybe 3 day update at this point......

This weekend we are planning yet another trip but only to Lake Charles to see Santiago's Grand-Father and Daddy will be meeting us there to celebrate Father's Day.

We are ONLY 3 months (93 days)from Santiago's First full year. Where does the time go? We want to not only celebrate his First year of life in September but we also want to Baptize him. I swore I wouldn't wait until his First Birthday to Baptize my child but due to circumstances that's just how it worked out. I wanted to have his Baptism in May or June, but God had other plans, no all!

I wanted to post some pictures from our Memorial day trip but I can't find them on my external hard drive...will have to post them tomorrow.


Dã Quỳ said...

wow .....9 months already? That's fast! Time's sure flying!!!

send lots of hugs & kisses to our little Santi!!!


Bonnie Gray said...

Santiago is so adorable. 9 months is so precious - those smiles and blabbing. Just kills you with love.

My baby is now 14 months.. and I still remember 9. ;)

Thanks for being with me over at Faith Barista.

I like it here visiting w/ you, too.

8.5 more weeks. Lord, have mercy, girl!