Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Momma Stories:

I am sure I will have MANY more of these types of stories but I wanted to share some of my most recent adventures with you.... 

First one…was a Hubby Suggestion (He said, “Blog about it.”)

5 Minute Showers: So, Santiago usually takes his showers at night before bed, unless it‘s the weekend and I am being super lazy then we wait until the next morning. And, I do it soon after breakfast because I know he will get dirty. Well this past weekend Santiago had 2 incidents where he well, pooped all over himself and it wasn’t bath time so I gave him a “5 minute shower”. Then on Saturday my husband was here and we had a really hectic schedule trying to get in all that we had to do together as well as get ourselves ready for a birthday party. Well my son now crawls and is everywhere and though he doesn’t get dirty, I feel like he does and needed to get him bathed quickly to get him ready to go!

One problem; he loves to play in the water! HE loves BATH TIME.

But, we had no time.

And I said, “Son we need to give you a 5 minute bath!” My husband laughed very loud and said, “You should Blog about it and see what other mom’s think!” Making fun of me and implying that I was being a “whatever” mom.

But ladies, please tell me I am not?

Please tell me I am not the only one with the “5 minute bath”, philosophy?

I mean he is tiny…I scrubbed his little head with shampoo, his little body with body wash and then rinse! If it were up to me that’s how it would be every time but Santiago again has other plans plus it wears him out to take a full blown out bath right before bed time and it helps him sleep, so bath time will be bath time.

But, "5 minute showers" will be "5 minute showers"!

What’s your take on this?

Coupon Clipping: I went to HEB to buy grocery the yesterday, I love HEB. And as I was at the register I noticed that the girl in front of me had coupons, lots of them….I couldn’t help but think that I should have had coupons as well.

Well I have a secret.

You see. The grocery store and I, are not friends, much less coupon and deal making…you see that “job” has been very considerably and very graciously, might I add, taken up by my husband! Yes, he is the bargain seeking grocery list making, grocery shopping person in our home, I know horrible. But, its a little compromise we have among many others. I usually shop for all the cleaning, kitchen, bathroom and baby necessities; Toilet Paper, Diapers, Napkins, Green Cleaning supplies (which I have to update you guys on!)

But, guess what? This summer he’s been gone for almost 3 months now and it’s made me more conscious and aware of all the things I should be saving on and how expensive everything is.  Groceries combined with the bill paying thing…which I don’t do either…has had my head spinning this summer...I know….bit much spoiled!

So, do you clip coupons? If so where and how much do you save? Would love some tips on this.



Nothing to wear: So, for the last almost year and half I have not had a “real” wardrobe change. You see. The clothes I wore while I was not pregnant was a good and ok fit until I blew up like an absolute blimp around my 6th month, which then led me to buy some maternity clothes which I have VERY strategically given away at this point. BUT I still kept some very choice pieces. And that, left over maternity clothes, plus the clothes I had from before I was pregnant doesn't leave me very much to choose from. Or rather very much that fits me....

Because some how, some way I managed to loose 10 extra pounds since I've had Santiago; meaning....I was at 178 before I had Santiago, the at 200lbs upon my delivery and am now at 168!
Me at almost 200 lbs right before I had Santi.

My hubby was sooo awesome last year for Christmas and knowing that I had very few clothes to choose from, he gave me a hundred dollar gift card to my FAVE store, NY&C! Although I bought a really good amount of clothes to help me through the last 7 months, I am now stuck wearing clothes that really don’t fit me!

Well with that dilemma at hand here is the second one; in those same amount of months; 19 to be exact…Ricardo and I have not gone out. We LOVE to dance and go out with friends, well we actually wanted to do that, or were very very intentional on doing it, we almost did, really. But, all the while I couldn't help but think and didn’t want to whine about the fact that number one I have NO earthly idea what women, more importantly MOMS are wearing to go out these days…and I don’t mean the usual jeans, tank and flip flops that I used to “go out” haha. I mean like a date night outfit! And number 2, that nothing fits me (my clothes is too big for me, and I feel frumpy!)!!!

How do I become this super fun and exciting yet modest and humble mom, without breaking the bank?! Anyone? I don’t show skin, not even before I had Santi and so I don’t plan on doing that now…so any suggestions ya’ll!?!

Out with my friends before Santi....

Me out with friends after Santi! Love.

The final momma story/dilemma/whining story for today promise!

Children’s To-do List: Now my Santiago is going to be 1 in a couple of months and one HUGE thing that we are thinking is activities; Play dates, Swimming lessons, and possibly soon Soccerfor all my mommy’s out there, what else can he be involved in at such a young age? Any fun suggestions out there? Do you think this is too much?

And on a final note; for Santiago’s first birthday I have almost everything “planned”, except for food?!?! What are some good first birthday foods, there will be other toddlers and older children as well as adults, so what do you all suggest?

Still working on: Santiago's 10 Month update......this post should hold you over until tomorrow! Haha. Please suggest! I would LOVE to hear from you guys!!!


Dã Quỳ said...


#1: I gave "5' shower" to the kids sometime too. Don't worry about that. You are a great mom though.

#2: I'm using coupons sometimes too. Most of the time, at Kroger and HEB. I saved around $15-$30 every time though.

#3: I barely find date night outfit for myself too. :) :) LOL

Connie Leon said...

Hahaha...Thank You Du-Ha for answering my questions...now I feel a bit more sane! lol.