Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A little rock in my shoe.

Yes, I know yesterday I was all; but nothing fits me it’s too big…well now I have to lose more weight… due to a 10 to 15 pound rock in my shoe…..

It’s called Cholesterol.


It’s more like a boulder right now.

While I was pregnant I had Gestational Diabetes the most horrible scare of my life. But expected. It's in my family history. So while I was pregnant I couldn't exercise but I did diet. Yes I know I was pregnant and had to diet. I guess that's why I didn't gain too much weight. Now, I don’t mind the “dieting” and exercising. It’s just the thought that something is wrong with me that is annoying. How can I not be healthy? I have to be. There is no choice. I have a little 22 pound, 10 month old depending on me, everyday for the rest of my life! This has to be done.  

It’s difficult at times. But, how can it not be. As I drove down 290 yesterday morning, horrible in itself, but one corner alone... in the same place one after the other; Wendy’s, McDonald's and Taco Bell,


Further down; Burger King, Whataburger and BBQ joints, yep, then Shipley’s and Starbucks, all line this 30 minute plus stretch on a drive that I would make every day if it weren’t for I-10. Which I am sure holds its own fast food feeder frenzy!

I can do this.

I know I can.

I don’t mind loosing the 10 to 15 pounds suggested by the doctor, it would be awesome.

SO, here is where I am.

Before I was pregnant with Santiago I was at 180 pounds, the day I delivered him I was at 200lbs, and today I am at 168lbs…pretty good, I think! The breastfeeding I think helped. Well now I am at this cross road; Ricardo and I want a second Blessing, very much but I promised myself that this time around I would be healthy!! This way I don’t encounter as many complications as I did with Santiago. I guess this is my chance....

The doctor has given me a 3 month time period, along with medicine, diet and exercise to reach my goal of between 153 and 158; periodically I will update you guys on what and how I am doing.

In the mean time I will battle it out with the fridge, stove and GROCERY store! EEEkkkkk.

Ok, ok, this is me currently...
can you see the belly by Santiago's legs..that's my belly...
I will have to lose that AND THEN SOME!

And I know I know..I have not finished Santiago's 10 Month Update! I will....


Anonymous said...

When Doe You Plan To Have Your Next Blessing?

Connie Leon said...

I am sorry, who is this?

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

It really is so hard to exercise outside here, isn't it? Houston is SO HUMID. We've taken to walking on the treadmill inside. Or you can always go for a stroller speed walk with Santiago early in the morning or after supper. Bleh, I hate exercising. But like you said, it must be done!

Connie Leon said...

YES it MUST be done... :D I am REALLY going to force myself to have TIME for this! :D And I actually like exercising in the heat, I feel more's being dressed and ready to go somewhere and ending up sweaty and stinky from the walk to the front door to the car in the driveway that drives me insane! AHAHAH.

Connie Leon said...

Meant to answer to "Anonymous"....I always say...when God wants it to happen, it will. I don't have a schedule for my life... God does. Thanks for reading.