Thursday, July 22, 2010

Morning rituals and then some...

I don't know about you but I tend to be pretty predictable in my ways....

Ever since I can remember I have been doing this one thing the same, persigno.... or make the sign of the cross over myself.

It's something that as a Mexican and a Catholic, I grew up doing.

My Grandmothers used to always say, "Persignate" (Or make the sign of the cross over yourself, as a Blessing and protection if you will).

So, on every trip; long or short this would be the norm. Then I grew up and started driving and I would just do it, Bless my day by making the sign of the cross over myself, as I walked out of the house. Then I started dating Ricardo and we started traveling together....when I did this, he looked at me and simply said..."Bless me too." So, long trips or short this would be the norm. No questioned asked. Well NOW, we have a Beautiful little gift from God who rides with us. And everyday....long trip or short, I Bless my "sonny" (as my Husband, Ricardo, calls him) and then Bless myself. 

I also do it at the end of my to Thank God for having allowed me to get through the day, good or bad...and yesterday as I drove home and just out of the blue, Blessed the end of my day and Thanked God, I realized the lady in the car next to me was staring at me. (You may have guessed, traffic was heavy on I-10) 

I don't ever feel embarrassed, as much as I fear judgement. Like she may be thinking.... "Esta, esta loca!" (This one is crazy!) I quickly looked away and drove off....I feel like people may not understand..but I do and I will NEVER stop...long trips or short..that's what I will do!  

So, tell me....what are your morning rituals? How do you think others perceive them?

On another NOTE:
Totally beautiful morning in H-Town and my hubby should be in by this afternoon..he will be flying in for the weekend! Very excited!!! And Blessed...and better believe...on my way there...I will "perignarme!"  

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