Friday, November 12, 2010


Who me?

Regardless of my usual scatter-brain-ness, some days are just crazy! None like mine I like to think, haha.

So,  yesterday was sheer chaos; without my family and friends to help me through the day, I would have curled up into the fetal position and never gotten back up!

It makes me so Thankful to have the women in my life that are currently in my life, they are always there with kind words of Faith or a slap on the head to get me to move on....BOTH are GREATLY appreciated! When they are not telling me how it is, they are making me laugh and reminding me that life is GREAT! That is also very much appreciated!

Today is Friday.

The weekend is here and I just want to rest and clean my house!

No big plans, just some relaxing.

I guess there is always calm after the storm....

Today; I am 18 weeks pregnant and Santiago is 4 days from being 14 months! I am in love with  my life; being a Wife and now a Mom has made me realize how amazing God has been to me!

I want to post my ultrasound pictures and some belly shots of this growing belly...soon...

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