Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh Baby!

Well next week I will be 20 weeks! Officially half way there! Whooo-hooo! I know, I owe some Ultrasound/Belly pics and let me tell you that's a growin'! I love it. I am starting to really feel movement and I LOVE it. I love listening to the baby's heartbeat at every visit, it makes my heart skip a beat. I fall in love every time a little bit more.... just like with my son!

Some updates:

  • At this point I have been LESS sick than with Santiago.
  • I do have Gestational Diabetes but I have Faith and I listen to my doctor.
  • I am 19 weeks this week...and counting!
  • The last almost 5 months have flown by mostly because this time around I began my pregnancy during an Election Cycle, as opposed to when I had my son I began at the end of the Presidential Election makes a HUGE difference. I have been so busy and will be somewhat busy until almost the end of my pregnancy, which is GREAT! Because then my days fly by!
  • I had LOST yes LOST 5 lbs and up until this weekend ALL of my regular everyday clothes and work clothes fit me but I have since gained yes GAINED 3 lbs of the 5 I had lost and well soon enough I will be loving my maternity clothes again BUT...with my son, I was only about 8 weeks when I had to start wearing maternity clothes..which BTW is expensive!!! 
  • Baby is growing good and his or her heartbeat sounds awesome!!!
  • In 7 days we will know....PINK OR BLUE...Violet or Green...Red or Orange! You get my point.
In all, we are getting SO excited..another room remodel will be in the works!!! That's good...little by little we are fixing up our house! That makes me happy....

We will be deciding next week on either a Big Boy Room or a New Nursery..... YAY!

Have a Blessed week!!!

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