Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Las Recetas Que Me Dan:

Those of you who know me, know that number one..I say that a lot, those of you who know me, and secondly, I am not the best cook ever to live! I am a great "fake-cook" though. Give me a recipe that requires little to no cooking and I can whip it up! No joke.
Is it good? Suuure.
This is a recipe that we will call La Ensalda de Fruta de Mi Suegra ( My Mother-In-Law’s Fruit Salad), although it has been modified many Christmas’ ago when she gave me the original recipe, it’s very similar and everyone enjoys it!
It’s a very good all year round type of fruit salad that I mostly make around the Holiday’s.
What you will need:
  • 8 Medium to Large size Red or Green Apples (Both makes for great Christmas colors!)
  • 1 LARGE can of canned Peaches; preferably halves
  • 1 Regular can of canned Pineapples; preferably crushed
  • 1 LARGE can of Fruit Cocktail
  • 1 Large tub of frozen Cool Whip (You can buy one large container and one small to make it creamier just add them both when it’s time to add in Cool Whip)
  • 1 Large container of Daisy’s Sour Cream
  • 1 Regular size can of Condensed Milk (Not evaporated, Condensed)
  • 1 Large bag of crush Pecans (Really you can add any type of nuts; this year I did Walnuts)
  • 1 Regular size box of Raisins (optional, some people don’t like raisins, i.e. My Dad)
  • 1 Regular size bag of Marshmallows (Colorful ones again make for great Holiday colors!)
  • 1 LARGE TO SUPER LARGE Mixing Bowl
  • 1 Mixing spoon
  • Cutting Board and Knife (Unless you have a fancy chopper, which I prefer makes 20 minutes into 10!)

What to do:
First; finely chop the Apples, I have a chopper and it makes my Apples into small thin rectangular shapes.  If I use the cutting board and knife, I just dice them as small as I can. BUT, If you like big chunks that works also.  You will also dice the Peach halves into small pieces, which I always use the cutting board and knife for.
Then; you start mixing. To my super large mixing bowl, I add the Apples, Peaches, Pineapples and Fruit Cocktail first, so all the wet ingredients stay on the bottom makes mixing easier. Mix together.
I then add the Cool Whip and Sour Cream, all the contents in the containers. And, only about HALF of the Condensed Milk, you can add more later, if you think it needs to be sweeter. Mix together.
On top of that I add the bag of crush Pecans, HALF the box of Raisins, and half the bag of Marshmallows.  
One final mix to get everything covered in the creamy goodness of Cool Whip, Sour Cream and Condensed Milk.  You can add more condensed milk here if you think it needs more sweetener and you can add more Marshmallows also!
After that is all mixed together, I then place it in the freezer at least 2 to 3 hours before serving it. If you leave it in the fridge it gets a little soggy.
After a couple of hours I place it out on the serving table and as my son would say “Tah-dah!”
It’s ready to eat.
**If you want a nicer presentation, empty the contents of your mixing bowl into a nice serving dish before you place it in the freezer!
It’s fast, easy and VERY DELICIOUS!
I hope you try it. I would LOVE to hear from you if you do.
BTW: I think some call it Ambrosia Salad and there are many versions of it...but this is the best, HA. Trust me!

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