Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

I am starting a “Top 10” post.

This week, I want to post about my idea of top 10 family friendly and children’s activities in and around Houston.

First off, I live in a land far, far away called Northwest Houston. I am in an awkward spot between Katy, Texas and Cypress, Texas. Many places seem distant and many places are “just around the corner” or “down the street” as I like to say! It's difficult to find places close by so most the time we have to travel, we don't mind though. It's always fun!
If your child is anything like my child; he or she will like anything outdoors, messy and easy to explore!
Therefore, I will kick my list off with my favorite and cheapest place to go…the park!

1. Not just any park; Bear Creek Park! It’s filled with trails, play areas and even a small walk through “zoo” like area. It’s perfect for a nice family afternoon. You bring your picnic basket and a camera and it’s an all together adventure! If you want to be more adventurous and you know your way through the trails you can even look for deer! Yes deer. It’s amazing the amount of deer that come out of the forestry area around the park. They are beautiful! On more than one occasion we have seen them and it’s just fun, fun, fun for everyone! Ok, more so for my husband and I, my son doesn’t get it just yet! Ha. Aside from all of that, it’s FREE. That is music to this Mom’s ears!  
2. The Houston Zoo. For more than obvious reasons. Here in Houston it is surrounded by a beautiful park with a Botanical Garden, a water spout area for the kids and a Train ride! My son is enthralled by the petting zoo right now. He could spend hours brushing the goat’s hair, chasing them and even bickering at them in his own “little man language”. I love seeing him explore and learn. This leads me to the next place….
3. The Children’s Museum. Now, we have not gone, yet. I have been on my own before I had children, with my nieces and little brother. Again we live in a land far, far away and for our little family to travel to the area where the museum is, well it takes time, a lot of planning a head, and well just time. We have not been able to, my husband has Saturday class this semester and it’s made it difficult BUT he will be on Winter break soon and that is my next plan. I want Santiago to learn about the Posadas and it’s one of the main cultural areas in the museum that I want us to visit.
4. This next place is a yearly event so you really have to set time and money aside for it. The Texas Renaissance Festival. We have gone several times now. It’s something different and somewhat magical, unless you are 15 months and developing stranger anxiety. But, again one trip to the medieval petting zoo and we were set. Santiago enjoyed all the music. The blond haired Fairies. The animals, they have elephant and camel rides, which we did not do. The jousting show. And, simply roaming around in an open area. Again, you have to set aside a nice weekend when it’s not too hot, too cold, or rainy and some money, it can get expensive. But, it’s definitely well worth it. Plus it’s only once a year, which makes it not so bad.
5. Now my son loves food. He also loves pizza. Being that he has been so young we really haven’t taken him to too many public eating places. But, his Dad is looking forward to taking to Chuck E. Cheese! Another great pizza place that I have heard of but never been is Incredible Pizza, it sounds like the place from Toy Story where the 3 aliens came from! We will also have to check it out. If you’ve been, tell me what you think!
6. Another yearly event that we are looking forward to this year, although we may miss it depending on when I have our little girl, is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. They have a carnival, plenty of animals and awesome food! Last year Santiago was a bit young and we didn’t think he would enjoy it as much as if we waited until this year. Although, he is terrified of his rocking horse and any toy horse for that matter, which is bizarre because he loves real animals! Who knows? We are hoping that we can make it this year, so we can gear him up in his Cowboy attire! Plus, I am a HLSR Committee member which comes with plenty of perks that I like to take advantage of! I can inform you on how to become a member...
7. Who doesn’t love the beach? My son again loves being outdoors and what a better way to tire him out and spend little money than to drive down to the Gulf of Mexico!  Fun in the sun. My husband loves to fish and I love to tan, so it’s definitely going to be a place that we go every year! Santiago loves the water and being outside so what better way to have a nice family afternoon together! Although, this summer we spent it on Florida and Mississippi beaches, despite the oil spill, it was very clean and beautiful!
8. Another park that we have not been to but would love to take Santi to is Discovery Green. In recent years Houston has attempted to make Downtown not only a night spot for young people but also a safe family oriented child friendly place. Discovery Green is one of those areas in Downtown that easily converts from family fun in the day to a great date night spot at night! If you’ve never been, check it out!
9. One place that I have not been in years is the NASA Space Center. I know there is an IMAX theater and plenty of fun learning events for children of all ages. What better way to get your child’s creativity flowing!
10.  Finally, my husband and I love to camp! We love being outdoors, relaxing and getting away from the city! (Funny thing, I grew up in the country and ran to the city as soon as I could, now...I look to get out any chance I get!) The places we have gone are in Austin, which is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! It's called Krause Springs but I don't think it's too family oriented it's more college kids than families, but it's really nice! The one that is a little more family friendly is Garner State Park in Concan, Texas outside of San Antonio! There they have plenty of hiking trails, family activities and a river! Plus at night the deer are amazingly roaming free!

I hope you find these helpful if you live in Houston or plan to visit soon!

Also, I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Email me, comment me on Facebook, or leave a comment here!!!
Thank You for reading!!!!  


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Houston has such an amazing Children's Museum, don't they?

Here in NE Houston :) we also have to drive forever to get anywhere. It's 20-30 each way every time we leave the house. We have become very good friends with the library and audio books!

Connie Leon said...

YES. I looove the Children's Museum, and really most the museums here are pretty child-friendly, I love it. Can't wait to take my little Man! And I hear you! We stick to Bear Creek Park and our neighborhood park...