Monday, March 21, 2011

Camila Update ♥

{Pregnancy Updates}
How Far Along: 36 Weeks
Size of baby: According to my doctor, Camila is measuring about 2 more than my actual gestation. Her current ESTIMATED weight is 7lbs 13oz. Big Baby! Ha. But, I am praying that she will remain healthy and active. And that I can carry her until the 38th week, NOT MUCH LONGER LEFT! Only 1 week and 3 days…
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained between 10 and 11  lbs (Some weeks I lose it, not sure how! The weight not my brain…that I lose everyday…HA!)
Maternity Clothes: As of 30 weeks I was wearing my old maternity clothes { mostly jeans and pants and some shirts~} and no more regular clothes. My doctor was amazed that I was able to get away with regular clothes for that long! But I am in that place where I wear the same clothes week after week... and my shoes...well lets just say Thank God it's "spring" time in Houston..or I'd look ridiculous in flip-flops and sandals every where all the time...or maybe NOT this is Houston!
Gender: It's a girl!!! We already know this....and her name will be Camila.
Movement: She is still VERY active,Thank God, DAY AND NIGHT..I love it and feel very happy every time she karate chops me! Everyone loves staring at the belly as it moves and jumps with Camila’s movements.
Sleep: Sleep? What’s that? No really I am that point…where sleep is a wonderful luxury….even though I am not as big as I was Santi at this time …I am very uncomfortable and finding my goodnight spot is very difficult….but I manage…..
What I miss: My ENERGY for sure, my agility and the ability to bend over! As well as being able to eat like the guy from Man vs Food and not feeling like I may die or give birth! I also miss being able to blow my nose without gagging EVERY time and thinking that everything I ate the night before will end up on my shoe making me late for work...HA!
Cravings: Hmmm…. This week…. HAMBURGERS again! And Oooohhhh Enchiladas de mole...mmmmmm.... 
Symptoms: Exhausted. Inability to breath due to how big Cami is and that she is pushing all of my vital organs into my neck! In total waddle mode, lower back pain and yes...I have even started feeling's true. Around this time with my son I had what I like to call "contraction envy"..but not these I am worried that I will go into labor at any minute..which is a bit nerve wrecking!
Best Moments so far:  My first fav moment was the day we found out we were having a girl, and now every time I go in for my weekly ultrasound they remind me that yep, she is a girl! It's so exciting every time....Also, I am not sure how much he actually knows what is going on in  my growing belly but I tell Santi to say Hi to the momma, he comes over, lifts my shirt {no matter where we are!} and kisses my belly! I love it!!!  Of course he also comes over to the belly smells it and with a wave of his hand over his face and his very distinct "stinky face" declares that momma and baby are yes..."stinky", it's HILARIOUS! My husband loves seeing my baby move around under my shirt everyday more and more..I think she is anxious to be here…we are ANXIOUS to meet her as well!!! He then yells in pain for me; "TELL HER TO STOP!" if I can flip a switch..HA.  
Updates about this week: This week is super prep weekDoctor is ready, I am ready…my house I pray will be ready for Cami’s arrival… overall..this week is just readinessI  had my Baby shower this weekend that was lots of fun and a TRUE BLESSING!!!!

Also, I had  contractions for about a week and half now..... that I am now slowly but surly feeling. So, we shall seeeeee.

Momma Perks: Not having to worry too much about anything really…my husband does a good job despite having to work 30+hours a week and going to school full-time..he doesn’t allow me to stress too too much… I love people coming over and helping me out with Santi while I get things done around the house..and I love that I have had so much help for my baby shower from Ricardo’s sis and cousin (Thank You Ale and Erica! I would have lost my brains without you! And had been in tears the last month or so!) ..they have really really been GREAT! :D Not to mention my regular helpers; Nanielle, her sidekick Meagan and Mrs. MaryAnn, who loves to come over and not only stress me out about when I will go into labor but also does a great job at making sure Santi and I are ok! I love that my Mother-in-Law watches Santi for me cause some nights when I pick him up she has dinner cooked and ready to share with us!

I hope that we can finally start on Camila's nursery this week!!! I HAVE SAID THAT EVEN IF IT’S NOT COMPLETE BY MARCH 30TH..I WILL NOT WORRY!

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Casey Ayala (DreamTree Photography) said...

Can't express enough how excited I am!!!! Can't wait for arrival!!