Saturday, April 23, 2011

It takes two....

For years I had prayed for Women of FAITH to pour into my life, God slowly but surely answered my prayer.

One of those Women, just happens to have an amazing God given talent

She has been a rock in my life as far as being accountable for who I REALLY AM, Who God has called me to be and I love her for that. 

She is as she says a "Holy Roller";she has been an amazing example of perseverance, truth, Love, and above all sister-hood {in Christ}! She has mannnyyy a times set examples of true friendship in my life, never loosing site of Him and never giving up on me { and people in general}. Casey is a sweet spirit with a tough soul! You may say, "what?" But, I repeat; she is a sweet spirit with a tough soul! She has a heart like no other and never gives up on her goals, dreams and who she wants to become! 

Her FAITH has proven that NO matter what your past or present brings forth; hard work and TRUE dedication pays off. She is a true WOMAN OF FAITH. She knows that with Him and through Him ALL things are possible. 

That Faith and Perseverance has been a shining light in one of her passions; Photography! As her dreams unfold I am taking one of the best seats in the house to see her evolve and create. She is great at what she does!  Her career is just blooming but her light already shines bright! {Dream-Tree Photography}

She has been there for me; good and bad, ugly and nice. I love her for that more and more everyday! 

She is one tough cookie that I love to call my friend and that God has given to me as a Sister-in-Christ!
She is one of my Best Friends. 

Thank You Casey for being you. 

{The links provided are to her Blog; where you can see my recent Maternity Shoot with her, or just click here}

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Casey Ayala (DreamTree Photography) said...

Aww Connie, tears. Thank you so much for your sweet words... you're my bestest friend, and I love you tremendously!!