Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Camila Isabel's Journey {Cont.} ♥

Continued from Camila's Journey Part 1....

After I left the operating room, it's a bit of blur. I was heavily sedated and groggy. 

All I know is that I waited in the room alone for a couple of minutes and then the nurse, my husband, my mom and Camila all entered at once. 








They all brought me here. To this moment. Of being a Mom. Of having children. Of having a son and now a DAUGHTER

I saw her little round face once more and truly, nothing else matters. The pain. Worth it. The wait. Worth it. The chaos. Totally worth it. 

I am now responsible for two tiny people, who lived in my womb for 9 months and were formed from within with His Love, His Grace, and our Faith. We knew that we wanted children. That we wanted a family. And now here we are. About to hold on to that life once more. 

The nurses first question; are you going to breastfeed? Despite all the pain, I quickly replied, YES! I wanted to hold and see her. I wanted to start loving her and showing her that I am here for her. No matter what. The way my mom has been here for me. 

It's all happiness and love. 

It was a long ride and, in the end a somewhat quick journey. But, she was finally here! Camila had arrived and nothing was going to stop her entrance into our lives. And, we are more than overjoyed with her here. 

The next 24 hours we had visitors and nurses come in and out of the room like they owned the place, Ha. But the most important visitor and moment came when Santiago came to meet his new baby sister...CAMILA ISABEL! 

It was exactly like I expected. He was ALL smiles, ear to ear. He was giddy and nervous. He knew this little someone had come to join us and he was happy and excited. Kissing her and giggling. He couldn't contain the emotions. Granted the jealousy and uncertainty that came days later was not fun but I know that deep down inside he knows of this new connection in his life. Someone who he will Love, and who will Love him, someone who he will protect and will protect him, someone who is like him and from the same place as heart! 

I love my children. 

I love having them in my life at this very moment. It has taken A LOT for us all to get here but we are finally here, together. Meant to be. In love. With Faith. Blessed. 


Camila entering our lives has been amazing. I hope that she will find us as wonderful as we think she is. 

I know my past post were pain-filled and even bitter. But, it's all truth. Reality. I don't sugar coat and I want my children to know that yes I suffered, A LOT but that I wouldn't change it for the world. AND, I WOULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN, FOR THEM! 

That is life. 



And REAL. 

All we can do is pray and move forward. 


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Unknown said...

Wow Connie she is adorable! Your family is so cute and adorable! Yes God blesses us with these adorable angels...! Im so grateful for my angels and family!