Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Losing it!

Fortunately not my mind.... Ha. 

So, while pregnant with my Cami, I only gained 11 lbs, tell me why I have lost 24lbs in 2 weeks?

Trust me, I didn't try. I didn't care to try. I have been really sick, sleep deprived and just plain tired. Eating is not a priority, what I eat is even less of a priority. The weight loss has not been by choice, but it's welcomed...I guess.

Since I have literally been pregnant for almost 3 years... I have not cared what I look like, how much I gain or what I eat...I left that behind in my early 20's...around the age of 25 to be exact. It has become more of a health thing, for my children not me since I have had Gestational Diabetes with both my children, I've had to really watch what I eat while pregnant. So with my son, I gained 20lbs, I lost it and then some...and now with Camila it's been the same...

If I can manage to keep it off. I want to tone up and maintain my new trim figure. If biggie. As long as I can still run around with Santiago and keep up with Camila, and if I feel good then great. Don't get me wrong, I don't and will never sit around eating Shipley's and McDonald's all day, that's just not me. But, if I have time I will start exercising, being a Momma of Dos will probably mean a lot of creative time organization. Plus, I turn 30 in a couple of months and I want to start my 30's off healthy! 

I don't care to look "hot" or fit into my old jeans, I can always buy more, I just want to be healthy and happy. Which right now, I am VERY happy as for healthy... well that will come soon enough! 

It's been a long 2 weeks and they have brought on many new trials, I think I am overcoming and with the weight gone well it's one less issue to worry about... 

I think. 

My plan; keep moving forward, eat "right" and possibly if I can fit in a workout here and there..then perfect! 

In all, I am not a weight obsessed person but I am a health addict, I hope. I have an amazing family, a wonderful Husband, 2 great Blessing {My children} and lots of Faith!!! 

I don't need to look like J-Lo to add to my happiness...I just am


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Anne-Marie said...

Wow! Lucky girl! You are gorgeous & one lucky mama.