Momma of Dos: [30 In my Bag]

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[30 In my Bag]

30 things in my everyday work bag....

1. My Mom's Devotional Bible
2. My Jury Duty Summon for tomorrow
3. My Debit card
4. A pen
5. Pictures of my kids, a must!
6. My Cellphone
7. My lunch
8. A book I just started reading on my "down time" {Thank You for being Difficult}
9. My Monthly Planner
11. My everyday thoughts notebook
12. Printout of Old Devotionals I love
13. Notes taken from my Joyce Meyers, Dr. Tony Evans and Joel Stockstill online video's 
14. Lip gloss...I think...
15. Extra hair ties
16. My rosary
17. Tylenol
18. Tissue Paper
19. Keys
20. Markers
21. My kids Birth Certificates {for our trip Friday}
22. My Wallet
23. Spare Change
24. Texas ID
25. A mirror
26. Receipts
27. An envelope I need to mail
28. a necklace
29. Insurance card
30. A menu to a Vietnamese Restaurant on Bellaire...

Ha. Pretty EASYY.
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