Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{30 Things I am Good @}

Ahi. Here we go.....

I am good at:

1. Multi-tasking
2. Thinking under pressure!
3. Remembering names...although...I am getting old...
4. Typing
5. Making Breakfast
6. Taking Pain
7. Scrabble {I think}
8. Making lists?
9. Giving Hugs! I am almost positive of this!
10. Listening.
11. Being constructive
12. Being Crafty
13. Making ice! Ha.
14. Caring for my Children
15. Loving my Husband
16. Planning parties
17. Proof reading
18. Editing...some times...
19. Figuring out techy things
20. Checking my email
21. Remembering to get the mail
22. Cleaning up my house...although it doesn't always work out that way
23. Straightening MY hair...
24. Remembering to brush and floss my teeth...good for those around me...
25. Dancing! Love it.
26. Loving on and kissing my children everyday all the time!!!!
27. Washing clothes..it's the folding I can do without
28. Planning trips!
29. Writing about random things
30. Dreaming up a little dream! Ahhh.

This is really getting harder than I thought...

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