Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{Blessed @ 30}

It was 30 years ago today that God allowed me to live.

I was born at about 28 weeks gestation, a 2lbs 15 oz preemie in Brenham, Texas. It was then that God gave me{and my Mom} a second chance.

I Thank God because He has allowed me to.... be here on this earth; to grow and gain spiritually, to graduate college in 2005 at the age of 24, to Marry my long time sweet-heart in 2006 at the age of 25, to have my most amazing Blessings, my children, Santi in 2009 {at 28}& Cami in 2011{at almost 30}. To have beautiful friends in my life. To share my life with my Husband, my Santi and my Cami and with my Mom and Dad, Brothers {Max and Belon} and Sister {Moe..I mean Jess} and my beautiful nephew Olin. To give me a GREAT extended family!

I Thank God for all the good and bad in my life, I have learned and grown from it all. No matter how bad, I've moved on. And, with the amazing moments... I've moved up!

I Thank Him and Praise Him...for it ALL.

Thank You to everyone in my life; now, in the past and in the future!

{I am sure you are probably glad the lists are over, HA! ONE of my MOST amazing Best Friends sent me THE besttttttt EVERRRRRR 30's list, AGAIN THANK YOU YVONNE!!!!!!!}

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