Tuesday, July 5, 2011

30, Now what?

Pictures taken by my Beautiful Friend Kathy A. I Love You Chaparrita!

I turned 30 last week....

Other than the fact that my back and knees ache, I am loosing my hair and I am going on a consecutive 48 hours with heartburn..I honestly feel no different then when I turned 20! {Ha.Ha.Ha.}

Honestly...It doesn't feel any different yet.... I do feel a bit more "ugh"...like....I know I have to take care of myself "physically" because I am obviously falling apart but other than that it's more of what I can sit back and think about.... 

10 years ago, at 20, I was focused on school and money. Getting a degree and making money. Today, I have a degree but still no money..but I have all that I need. My Husband {an amazing man and friend of 12 years} and my 2 children {Beautiful Blessings}. My Best Friend Casey wrote to me in my Birthday card that this may just have been one of my most Blessed Birthday's yet...and really, she knows me too well, it has been....Marriage and Children and family and great friends, YES BLESSED

5 years ago, I want to LIVE and be FREE! I wanted to be a party girl with a free spirit, today...I am a free spirit and I party everyday at 4:30pm when I get to go home to my Hubby and 2 children. They are all the fun and freedom I seek. I love them. 

3 years ago, I didn't think I would even have children and today..I have 2! 

2 years ago I started a new journey...I was pregnant with my first born son...a Blessing beyond Blessings....

A year ago....I found out I would once more be a Momma....a Momma of Dos...my mind was blow away, my heart grew a little bigger and God became more and more visible in my everyday life! 

Today at 30..I know that time and age, are all about FAITH AND LOVE. 

Follow me in this new journey...and tell your friends to join us...it's gonna be an exciting one! 

Thank You for all the Birthday wishes and Blessings... 

They are very much appreciated! 

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