Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{Time Capsule} Part Dos

I was literally in the shower when I thought about what I would include in our Time Capsule {TMI? Ha. Sorry!} But, I was and I thought of the following items and I may or may not add or include some things depending on how I decide to store them.

So, if you watch the video yesterday you will note that they suggest a waterproof metal container.

I am thinking a coffee can? Or a lunch box? Not sure. Have to really research that part....

Anyway. That's the first challenge.

The second one is, when we will open it?

I was thinking when the kids enter Kindergarten...BUT that's such a long time from now. I guess that's the point! {Ha.} So, about 5 years or so. Santi would be 7 and Camila would be 5. I think that they would be at a good age to understand what we did and why. {What do you think?}

Those things are debatable, I guess. {Ha.}

My Time Capsule Items will possibly include:

  • Pictures{Of the kids and our family in 2011}
  • Music {A CD or Two; Momma's Christian Music and Daddy's Salsa hits}
  • Current Menus from restaurants that we go to and love
  • An old cellphone; we have several that we are not using
  • Newspaper clippings of the front page stories for August 2011 cause it will be then that we make it
  • I want to include a list of our physical appearances {Age, Weight, Height, etc.} 
  • I want to include a picture of our house and cars {in case we've become BILLIONAIRES in the next 5 years...we can look back at our humble beginnings...HAHAHA. Just sayin'.... I am totally joking. Hehehe.} 
  • I want to include copies of this Blog and the previous proof that I BLOGGED about it {Ha.}
  • Maybe some baby items; blankie, toys, favorite movie list?
  • And...then I got stuck... what else do you think would be an important or sentimental item that we could include?... totally open to suggestions here... considering I have never created a time capsule and all... {Ha.}
 To be continued......

**Note to Readers: Part Tres will come when we make our Time Capsule, which will probably be in the next month or so.... Thank You!!! Can't wait to see our finished product!!!

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