Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{Time Capsule} Part Uno


Before my ears fall off!

Connie, why will your ears fall off?

Well for about 2 weeks now my Husband has been asking me..."Did you Blog about my idea?"

Now, if you know my Hubby you know his social status..is well... not so social! {Ha.} Don't get me wrong he is a super fun loving guy with TONS of personality..many people who get his sarcastic but real view of the world, LOVE him and see him for who he really is...a GREAT big hug-able, softy bear! With that said.

My Husband used to not be so fond of my idea of sharing...our life and now our children's lives and I must admit to a certain extent I agree with him. But, it's been almost 3 years since my Bloggy journey began and I have nothing but great stories and awesome feedback from my readers....{OH.MY.WORD. "MY" readers. Ha!}


Another tidbit about my Husband; He is currently a Senior at the University of Houston {GO COOGS!}, his major is Construction Management. He has been employed as an Intern for a little over a year now. His first internship was last Summer. It took us on many great adventures! This year his Internship was in the city...Houston that is. They have small projects in different locations and he is learning as much as he can. One of his recent projects JUST SO HAPPENED to be right across the street from my office building! I know, pretty cool, considering I saw the building being fully restored from start to finish from my office window!!! And, come to find out, my Husband would join their team just as the project was finishing.

He came to downtown and did a walk through of the building. During this walk through the talk of a time capsule came up. Yes. Time capsules. He found out that many builders install time capsules in random places of the buildings and don't tell anyone where it is or that it's even there. My Husband being a History lover, thought this was above and beyond fascinating.

So, you guessed it. On our ride home that day...He sounded like a 5 year old coming home from show and tell. "And guess what little Jose brought to school today...A TIME CAPSULE! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!" {Ha, I love love love my Husband!}

His next words were A HUGE SURPRISE but music to my ears.... "YOU SHOULD BLOG ABOUT THIS! And see what others have to say!" {After my mouth dried out from having hit the floor, I said...SURE!}

So here I am. Writing about TIME CAPSULES.

Our idea is to actually make one, for our family! You know I Youtubed it ASAP! I am the Youtube How to Queen! I found a great video and in the next couple of months we will be making, yes...a Time Capsule... ::insert galaxy like Star Wars music here:: {Ha. I am sooo not making fun! My Hubby and I are total nerds and LOVE this kind of idea!!! No offense to nerds... seriously!}

I will be supplying a list of what we will include in our project tomorrow... keep in mind.....I thought this post out as I got ready for work this morning..so all the details are not quite ironed out....{HA.}

To be Continued.....


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love your husband's nerdy idea! Are you going to bury it in your backyard. I did a time capsule once as a child. It was so much fun. :)

Connie Leon said...

Lol! Thanks! :D I am not sure where we will keep it..but that's an idea! :D And I bet it is..can't wait.. :D