Monday, July 25, 2011

A Vast Sea of Emotions?

One thing that I am is EMOTION. I feel. I feel a lot. In a most sincere and loving way.

That said...

This weekend I was ill. Very ill. So ill. By Saturday morning I was sitting in the ER with a nurse and doctor at my side. I needed pain medication. Pain medication so strong that the doctor's first question was, "Is there any possibility you could be pregnant?" My answer left the nurse in limbo and a pregnancy test was in order.

For an hour. A whole 60 minutes. My Husband's heart.... and mine, swam, in a VAST sea of emotions.

We know that we want to have ONE more child. But, we also know that Santi and Cami came so quickly that we now want to enjoy each, individually for at least 2 or 3 more years. Therefore we sat there; worried wondering and praying. We are not ready for a 3rd child but Dear Lord, let be it be your will not mine, I repeated in my head. Ricardo started thinking finances and school and calculating when the baby would be born {breath everyone...breath}; to which I told him, calm down, there is no YES, just yet

An hour had passed and my pain increased. I needed a confirmation and some medication. Ricardo was just anxious to hear an answer. At this time, an x-ray technician came into the room to take me away to x-rays, Ricardo asked so the pregnancy test was negative? The tech said. "Oh they haven't told you?"...." was negative." After we both started breathing pain medication was administered and I was taken to x-rays. I am better now.

But, for that brief moment ....we had no idea what God would do with us. It just places A LOT into perspective! A Blessed moment? I think so.

SO, How was your weekend?! {Ha.}

As you can tell, mine did NOT go according to plan... {Ha.} The is no Vlog today.... {Ugh.}

What is it about Monday's that makes you want to sink your face deeper into your pillow and say...UGH...MONDAY! As opposed to jumping out of bed and saying...YEAYUH!!! MONDAY! {Ha.Ha.} 

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