Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{A Change in Pace...Kind of?}

So, changes are about to come. {Personally, Career wise, Blog-wise, Family-wise!}

Not sure how, or IF they will even affect my Blog. I love Blogging. As you all know I am NOT a Stay-@-Home Mom like most Momma Bloggers ::insert highly disappointed face here::. I have an outside the home government job.

Recently that outside the home job has become a bit more hectic as I am changing departments and well life will be a bit different. We will also be well into a new semester in a few weeks here and Ricardo's BUSY school & work schedule will be CRAZY!

Again, not sure how or if it will affect my Blog but I hope you stick around...see what's new and tell your friends to join us. I have a feeling the fun is just about to begin!

I hope and pray that my change in pace is for the best and that I can continue to update you guys and feature new ideas and concepts as they become available. As well as share all the fun things that this semester bring us. I know some of you don't know..but my Hubby is a FT student and I usually think of our life in semesters. This is his last FULL semester...if all goes well and God willing he will only have ONE class left after December ...and then he will be a GRADUATE! Yay!!!

In the mean time we will see where our little lives take us and what God brings to them!

Again I hope you guys stick around and invite others to join us on this little crazy journey we like to call...LIFE!

Have a great week everyone!  

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