Monday, August 29, 2011

To Coupon or NOT to Coupon..that IS the question?

I have started a series that has now generated more questions than I thought it myself.

If you missed the past few post then let me update you; HERE and HERE and from last year HERE & yes...HERE.

This week I will tackle coupon clipping! {In some sense.}

Yay. I love coupons!!!

But, that wasn't always the case. I was never a bargain hunter or "sales" kinda person. Oh Boy, has that changed, as many other things have as well.

Like always saving accomplishments have come from my Husband. He was one to NEVER buy store brands but still find good deals. Now that we have kids we try our absolute best to find good deals and more importantly look for good coupons.

Being that I am an Internet Junkie! My more effective source of finding coupons has been online. While I was pregnant with my son I signed up for Momma sites which then generated TONS of good brand sites where I could register for not only coupons but samples as well! Once I started receiving samples and knew what I liked I then looked for coupons for those brands only.

What I do is register on their sites:

1. Pampers
2. Similac-Strong Moms
3. Huggies
4. Enfamil
5. Johnson and Johnson
6. Gerber

Or if you don't know about specific brands another way to get great coupons is by registering for specific stores they feature coupons and savings on their sites; here are some of my favorites:

1. Babies'R'Us
2. Target
3. HEB
4. Kroger

Another online source is specific everyday brands:

1. Kraft
2. Proctor and Gamble {Which feature many brands}
3. Scott Tissue Paper
4. Bounty Paper Towels
5. Colgate

Truth is it takes some research but it's worth it.

Some of the websites offer sections for you to only print coupons and do not require you to sign up for their communities or sites but it's like a "preferred customer" deal if you do. And, you end up getting more offers that are  not otherwise advertised on their pages. Also, sites like Pampers and Huggies have a reward system where you accumulate points and can then redeem them for really cool items, my favorite have been FREE prints from Shutterfly! {My favorite online Photo sharing site!}

Like with everything you must read all the fine print but most of these sites are very straight forward and only want your business. I know most of us are weary about entering too much information on websites but I NEVER share my SS# or Telephone number and if my DOB is not needed then I don't add that either. Plus I use my nickname and not my real name. You do want to enter your address if you want to receive the coupons to your mailbox  otherwise the standard is that they will email then to you and you can print them at home AND you  DON'T have to accept any extra offers just make sure to read them all. Some are really good.

The more conventional ways are daily specials in the newspapers or in your mailbox which I believe come automatically.

Another good idea would be Coupon trading? Save your coupons meet up with your favorite Momma friends and trade coupons! Who knows you may get a good deal...

{PLEASE NOTE: I am in NO way affiliated with ANY of these websites and I do NOT receive any kind of compensation for naming them here. I am in NO way to be held responsible for any personal information that you wish to disclose on any of these sites. These are all merely suggestions and you NEVER have to use any of the sites that I have mentioned here.}

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