Friday, August 12, 2011

Slim and Fit. NO NOT ME!

Like it's the plague..I run from it.

I stand in front of the mirror every morning these days and see.....

a thinning hair line, flabby belly, giggly arms, an eeek complexion, and dark circles under my eyes and think... ok...lets get started....{I don't scare easy. I know what I look like. I have no shame.}

I tuck and fluff, and hide and conceal {well not really, I don't wear makeup!} and brush and move on....

And when it's all said and done..I head to work.

And low and behold... someone who doesn't  need to fluff and tuck...cause she naturally has thick straight hair, and her jeans look amazing on her and her arms don't have the giggle that mine have. {HA.}

I smile.

And think...I'M NOT 21 ANY MORE!!! {Ha.} Wow. What a difference 10 years makes....

And I think... God made me and He loves me. So, I love myself. My Husband loves me. My children love me.

That doesn't mean I don't plan on working on it. Because I do. One day. Soon. When uhm....I will. I will. In the end, I want to be fit to run around and chase Santi and I want to be healthy to one day see my daughter grow into a beautiful young lady. Because, I do care about myself. I just don't worry too much about what I "look" like. Does that make sense?

I have always, ALWAYS, struggled with my weight. I know that it's a lifestyle change and that you have to guessed it...WORK AT IT! Work at it. WORK AT IT. BUT, I am not going to obsess. God knows what and when, and how and where. I will simply attempt to live a healthy and active life as a Momma of Dos and Wife to One. That's all I can do. Is try...


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