Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This Summer has been busy! More like BU-SYYYYY!

Because well, it has been.... one whirlwind after another....and it's not getting any better...

Here is the story:

Our home consist of....

My Hubby; a Full-time student, trying to finish school ASAP, he will ONLY be 1 class away from graduation after this December, but in the mean time, he is taking FIVE classes, YES FIVE! Oh did I mention he also has to work to partly assist in supporting our home? Well he does. He is an intern and doesn't make much but still goes to work EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. He is very professional and hates missing work! But, did I mention the FIVE classes, well yes that's the Hubby.

Then there is ME. I recently received a promotion at work, YAAAY! I know right!? Only that it was one of those one day to the next kind of a thing where you really just... GO! Don't look back and think about it later...well I am in the thinking stage, NOW. You see for 3 years I prayed almost every day for doors to open and 3 years and 2 kiddos later...they open... SO wide, it's been amazing! An answered prayer... so again...I am thinking. My new job keeps me well, BUSY. And, did I mention I have 2 kiddos and a Hubby who works and goes to school FULL-time. Oh yes, and then, there is this place I love to go, it's called Church. For about 2 months now I have been going to the chapel on Friday nights just because and to a Prayer and Worship workshop on Tuesday nights, for Faith. Then there is this LOVELY Blog that I just LOVE, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to keep. And well, I have been a bit overwhelmed to say the least...but no worries..I love it all!

{As I look back on my Blog History..I have Blogged almost everyday the last 3 months, uhm, and to that I say, HOW ABOUT A LITTLE  BLOG-CATION!?!?! But, worry and fear quickly sink in and I wonder...what if I lose readers, what if my current readers get tired of waiting....and then God speaks...Connie...todo a su tiempo...and right a time to pause... to wait and to listen! Not for too long but just long enough!}

Then there are the two VERY busy, super active, Momma {& Daddy} Love wanting FINALLY 2 year old son and my beautiful 6 month old daughter! Surely you will miss them but when I come back I will have TONS of new Momma topics to discuss and post about! That will definitely be a part of my Blog-cation! {Need to get all my notes and thoughts in order!}My children are doing worries...all love and patience...for that day when their Momma can finally be a Stay-at-Home Momma! I have realized that, that {along with being my own boss}is my true calling but in the mean time I have to help in supporting my family by working an everyday 8 to 5 {or later, HA!} job! One day I pray that my dream of staying at home with my kids will happen! God knows why, and He definitely knows WHEN! All in His timing Connie. All in His timing.

And, don't worry..I usually provide some oldies but goodies!

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Thank YOU for being here!!! 
Some updated pictures of my Heart! 

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