Friday, September 16, 2011

{Momma of Dos ♥ ♥}

{Momma Love Series}

I came to Houston 12 years ago, seeking myself and waiting on God....
I was broken....
to say the least...
and these days I am not perfect 
but I have managed to pick up the pieces to hold it  together. 
Through Faith.
God, has given me the strength to find the broken pieces, super glue them together 
{with His Love} 
NEVER again allow the enemy to destroy my Victory! 

Today I am the girl with a broken past, like many, who was some how given a second chance {By the Grace of God}, at well, just about everything...and because of that I consider myself Beyond Blessed.

I try to be me and never let go. 
And, I stand FIRM in what I believe. 

I am {Connie}
Momma of Dos! 

I love to Blog. I love to share. I believe in Christ. I love my family. I love my Husband. I love my Son and I love my daughter. This is my life....I hope you like it....

My First Love:

As some of you may know my Husband and I were together for 7 years before we got married. We had been all that God and Love allowed us to be..or so we thought. 
We got married in 2006 and immediately thought of children. But, it didn't come easy to us... you see aside from being spiritually broken, I suffered from physical illness as well. Endometriosis, ovarian cysts, a fibroid, 2 major surgeries, a Cancer treatment {just in case} and many words of discouragement. 
This is where my Faith comes in. I heard and saw all of this but never believed it. My thoughts of one day being a Momma were seeded, planted and rooted in my Heart, through His mighty Heart. 
Like His love my need to become a Momma never ceased. 
In fact it became my biggest determination. 
I would one day become a Momma, because I had Faith. 
So, 3 years after chaos. 
I became pregnant. 
A little baby boy was growing in my belly. 
This little boy is now the little man who rules our lives and fulfilled a purpose for us. We were more than prepared for the expected news but still remained surprised when it happened. We didn't think it would ever be. 
When I took the first pregnancy test and it confirmed that "funny feeling" we were ecstatic and life would only get better.

My pregnancy was well, NOT what I expected and just plain out BLAH. 
But, I endured. I read, LOTS, and just about everything. 
I nested. 
We went to Lamaze. 
And, then 8 months had past. 
After a wild delivery and at age 28, 
I became a Momma to Santi. 
A Momma of One.

Our first year like my life was a ride! You know... "First Time Momma Syndrome"'s real...just trust me...I know! Ha. Tried everything, failed..lots, scared, happy, intimidated, and don't forget..sleepy, grumpy, and dopey! Just about every "first-timer" emotion possible. And yes..the worse...depression. The combination of frustration from a c-section and exhaustion, were the worse, I have ever felt. What's worse....I forgot about God and allowed loneliness to be my only companion. With Love and true support from my Husband and Mom....I made it through those dreadful months. Santi has always been a handful and those sleepless night...well they still haunt me. But I curl up on the couch with him to watch Rio, eat some "ca-corn", being a Momma and being in this moment is MORE than worth it! Nothing, nothing compares. Nothing, nothing matters. Love reigns and Faith prospers. God has Blessed me beyond my wildest dreams...ever!

More Love~Blessed Dos Veces:

For more love I have to back-track a bit. My son was born in September 2009 the same moth my Hubby lost his job and became a FT Student. It was difficult but we managed. Life was great. The following Summer {2010} he was asked to take an Internship in Mississippi. After much prayer and without a doubt, he took the offer and left us for the Summer. Santi was 8 months.  We began a new adventure. It was a long Summer, to say the least.  We would visit Ricardo and he would visit us. I am sure many nights, I cried. I was in Houston with an 8 month old. Not to mention I had a full-time job. It was a real challenge and Blessing all at once. Before I knew it the 3 months were up and Ricardo wanted Santi and I to come visit him one last time, to take a small vacation. During my week there, he worked and I stayed at his apartment with Santi. One day as I talked to my Mom all I could talk about was of  how sleepy and tired I had been all week..and how fussy Santi was being. My mom and her best friend discussed how I could be pregnant. Surely I couldn't be. Santi was only 11 months and it had taken me a whole 3 years to even get one pregnancy test to show me a "pregnant". That whole week, I thought. "Nah. It can't be." The day we came back home I told Ricardo, I could be pregnant. We drove 9 hours to Houston and our first stop was a CVS. I bought a pregnancy test and headed home. That same day we were to go and visit family, so as I showered I waited for my pregnancy test to give me a result. It was the fastest shower I had ever taken. 
I came back to where I had placed the pregnancy test.  
And sure enough
That word, once more.  
We cried. We laughed. We thought, Oh my!  
And, then we headed out to tell the news to our family. 
We were once more ecstatic! 
Santi would be a Big Brother!

Having had a horrible pregnancy with Santi, I expected the my surprise up until the very last day, I was actually ok. My pregnancy was very, very different. I didn't gain so much weight. I wasn't so sad. I was actually in love with being pregnant.Another wild delivery and traumatizing c-section after another 8 months {my children arrive not Mexican! Ha.} I was once more a MOMMA.
Only this time my delight would be a beautiful little girl.
My lil'ma-ma. Cami. 
She is now 6 months. 
Trust me when I say she will be a handful too but is such a good, sleeping, happy baby! And although the first 3 months were difficult for her brother. Now, it's like they were born together. He loves acting like a clown for his little Sister and she loves seeing her Brother act up and be wild.
They hug and laugh.
They smile and Love one another. 
They fill my heart with joy and our lives with meaning and direction.

God has given us the  most amazing gift ever. 
And, I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be so fulfilled and accomplished as a.... 

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