Sunday, September 4, 2011

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{Momma Love Series}

Captivating. {To say the least….}

You know those moments..when someone just instantly captures your heart…. when least expected.

You know those moments, when you are thinking…does this really matter…do I really matter…do they even care!

And then someone comes along with the most simple words of Praise and then all you can think {after you clear the tears that are gushing from your eyes} is WOW. God. You are so GOOD. And, WOW. God you have created the MOST amazing people on the face of this earth..I like to call them Momma’s..

And us Momma’s we like to stick together…

If I can ever impact lives..the way some Momma's do..
I would feel MORE than accomplished and truly Blessed!

When I became a Momma it became ME!

Since then..I have been on a tell others..HOW AMAZING it is and How Amazing I have been Blessed…and along the way…

and guess what..
I get to share them with you



{Guest Blogger}

Believer in Christ - Faith
Conflict Mediator
Founder of A little Xtra Organization

Have you ever seen the I Love Lucy episode titled, “The Marriage License”? (to watch it, click here: Well I like to say that I resemble “mother” or Mrs. Willoughby, the lady of many hats :) 

My first hat started twenty-five years ago. It was a rather tiny hat or I should call it a beanie. It fit my head when I was the first-born child to my parents. That automatically made me the first born grandchild on my father’s side of the family and first-time grand-daughter on my mother’s side of the family. I guess it’s safe to say that I was a big deal back than. lol Anyhow, time passed of course and since than I’ve worn plenty of different hats. I always wore my FAITH hat because I knew I needed the Lord, the SISTER hat, the FRIEND hat, the STUDENT hat, the ATHLETE hat, the CONFLICT MEDIATOR hat, ENTREPRENEUR hat, the evolving girlfriend-fiance-WIFEY hat, etc. Before I knew it I was full of hats. I honestly doubted I had any more room left to fit any more hats. Yet, I was proven wrong. I'd have to say the most interesting part of my life begun when my MOTHERHOOD hat was placed. My first child was born when I was twenty-one years old. A priceless gift from the Lord above, my daughter who we named Bella Mia. My pregnancy went great & I loved being pregnant with her. I had taken the AFP (alpha-feta-protein) for screening of most disorders or syndromes. My test came back showing everything was well & normal. No complications or worries until the day she was born. After a very scary emergency cesarean delivery in the early hours of the morning while it was still dark out, my beauty was born. And as soon as the pediatrician observed my daughter following her birth the doctor informed my husband that they suspected she had Down syndrome just by her characteristics. Of course this was the most shocking news we expected and absolutely one of the last things on our minds. I remember my husband walking towards me to tell me the news while I was in the recovery room after surgery. Even though I was so heavily medicated I was feeling extreme bliss, the highest high of my life. I could tell from the swollen look in my husband’s eyes that something was wrong. I’ll never forget what he said, “Thedoctor says she has Down Syndrome.” At that instant my heart sank. My feelings from sky high shot down to the lowest degree in less than an instant. It's really hard to explain. In the simplest form, everything I didn’t expect to happen, happened. And the happiest day of my life turned into one of the worst. The feeling of such immense insecurity wondering if my daughter will be ok, imagining the things she will have to endure and the cruel world she will have to face. I don’t think I can ever forget those feelings. Twas as if I couldn’t begin to heal because I knew there was more pain yet to come.  Amongst the chaos of mixed emotions God really pulled me together quick. As fast as my motherly intuition and adrenaline kicked in, came as quickly as my ADVOCATE hat was placed. For me, leaving the hospital had to be a very sad realization since my baby girl had to stay in the NICU. I got to see all of the other ladies of the maternity ward leave with their flowers, balloons & most importantly, their newborn baby. While I was the only one loading up all of my flowers, balloons, cards but no baby :(* I cried all the way home. Regardless, my “SUPERWOMEN” hat flashed brightly along with my hat of “FAITH” and instead of allowing all of the negative feelings I felt I was able to turn it around and think in a different way. I realized, “MY DAUGHTER IS ALIVE! MY DAUGHTER IS AGIFT FROM GOD!! and most importantly, I learned from a dear loved one that there is an abundance of HOPE THRIVING! And now I believe my daughter will prevail. And I know she was given to my husband and I for a purpose. God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. God is good, God is Great, God is AMAZING! And I praise him. I praise him for allowing me to find peace in faith, acceptance and love... 

The lady of many hats
Apple Valley, CA

“You’re your child’s advocate!”   

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful story, filled my heart with such immense love for my wonderful daughter and beauiful granddaughter. Love, Mama Laura :)