Saturday, September 10, 2011

{Joani} ♥

{Momma Love Series}

The next Momma has been my friend for over 7 years now.
Funny story.
Her and I had class together in college.
We were studying together one night when our boyfriends {our now Hubby's}
came  to join us
and we discovered that they knew each other too!

For years we did everything together...
we all got engaged around the same time and married the SAME year!

So, it was only expected that we would all have children around the same time.

And we did.

My daughter Cami and her son Mason are only weeks apart!

Joani is one of those Momma friends who have reached
several life changing milestones with me and I hope that she is around for many, many others.
Thank You Joani for being my friend..and now... a Momma friend.

{Guest Blogger}

Hi I'm Joani and I have been married almost 5 years and work for a construction company as the HR manager. We became proud parents to Mason this past April and we also have a fur baby, Bubba, he's 7 years old.

How old you were when you first became a Momma?

29 years old.

Was it expected?

Baby Mason was expected, even though I was surprised on how quickly I got pregnant.

Did your pregnancy go well?

Yes! My pregnancy was very easy, I did not have any morning sickness at all!

Was your pregnancy what you expected?

I really didn't know what to expect. I didn't really read much about it before hand and during. I would just ask my doctor any questions I had.

Did your delivery go well?

Yes. Even though he came 4 ½ weeks early, delivery was super easy and quick!!

Was your delivery what you expected?

No! I thought I was going to be in horrific pain, yelling and screaming and cursing out everyone! You know like you see in the movies. Yes that was not what happened. Don't get me wrong contractions were painful but not enough for me to be all crazy yelling!! Oh and once the epidural kicked in it was even better.

How was your first year? And Was it all that you expected?

Well its only been about 5 months and it has been wonderful. I LOVE being a MOM! Which is still sometimes weird to say! I never thought it would be so easy being a mom and come so fast.

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