Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{BloggyMommas} ♥

I am not sure if  most of you  know but  I started Blogging as a away to practice my writing/sharpen my skills{total fail} and to kill some time...as my job at that time "required" it. Therefore, I really had NO idea what all the Blog World entailed. I was quickly inspired by THIS amazingly witty and beautiful Momma Blogger. Soon after, I got pregnant and I was inspired EVEN more and MORE then EVER to write. I wanted to join this whole Momma Blogger Revolution...you know, be part of the crowd but at times I limited myself and my writing with my Husband's fear of sharing too much or being too personal that our lives would loose meaning... but little did I know that being REAL is what this whole up-rising is about! Not real like you want to share every bitter remorse of your life but REAL like...I do things the SAME.WAY.YOU.DO.THINGS!  

You know what I mean?

Well, Heather has a bazillion followers and I am sure she will never call me for coffee so I quickly started looking for locals...more importantly young {30-something}, Hispanic Bloggers... soon after I just looked for Momma Bloggers who I might just have the possibility of meeting one day...You know regular everyday women with lives similar to mine and everyday struggles and shuffles...

It's been almost 4 years and just this past week I realized..I HAVE A GROUP OF BLOGGYMOMMA'S! Not only do I read their Blogs and they read mine but one day, we could just meet! Amazing? Sure, I would like to call it Godly. I am a firm believer in that God does everything for a reason. And, what more amazing reason to Blog than about being a Momma! Not just the I'm pregnant, having a baby tomorrow, bloated, ahh how cute post but the I think my hair is on fire, get the hose, Santi ran outside, and Cami is throwing up in the hall post! And, you know what...I love it! Real Momma's with real lives, and real drama...not like {High School, hater drama}but Momma {I should be reading a book or napping not chasing this child around the house while he throws goldfish at his sister drama!}Ha!

Here are some amazing Bloggers who, I not only read about everyday but we actually  talk to one another and I consider their feedback important and uplifting! You  know...like good Amigas should! This group of ladies has definitely been a source of inspiration, motivation and cultivation! I hope to one day be part of an event where I can meet them and bring them all together! I think it would be beyond awesome!

Then there are the women that like those mentioned before not only capture my heart but my culture as well and remind me... que SI se PUEDE! 

And, finally but definitely not least... are the following group of ladies who are amazing Women of Faith and Beautiful Momma's in my EVERYDAY life and I consider them some pretty amazing BFF Momma Bloggers...we actually see one anther regularly! :D

Then there are women like my Mom who I wish had a Blog...because she's always been my BIGGEST motivation,drive,supporter and inspiration!!!!

What about you? Who do you follow? Who do you wish you could meet? Who do you wish had a Blog?


Jazmin B. said...

Ah, I have neglected my blog. As of today I will start AGAIN!Lol.

p.s.I Love reading your blogs =)

Connie Leon said...

Ahh Thank You and no worries... you have a great Blog! I neglect mine all the time..lol :)

Marcela said...

I neglect mine too!!! ): It's so easy to get caught up in life ( :

Thank you so much for mentioning me!!! I would love to meet you in person and hang out with you!! The nice thing about reading someones blog is that by reading you know exactly who you would be friends with...yes! you would definitely be someone I'd be friends with in real life...but hey isn't this real life?!?!?!? ( :

Hoping we meet soon!!! Love reading you!!!