Sunday, November 20, 2011

Social Momma?

This weekend was full of events; for the kids, for me, for all of us! It was fun, tiring and honestly....much needed.

Last week I had friends over at my house....TWICE! As Santi would say...WHOA-WHOA-WHOA! Trust me, it's a big deal. Between; work, getting the kids ready and organizing the Gomez weekly chaos...I rarely attempt to be "social" but some how this week it all worked out for the best. I think my because of my fear of judgement; you know....your house is a mess, you look tired and really you you left your house looking like that today?, I limit weekly friend visits. Plus, it's a challenge with working an hour away from home, having to pick up the kids and making it somewhere before it gets dark. But, thanks to some pretty amazing amigas this week, it happened. I overcame the fear of being judged. Had friends over, and had so much fun! Had some good ol'Momma time and moved on with my week!

Not only did I have friends over but I actually made it to happy hour and a children's birthday party all I could think was; "Wow!, my attempt to be social this week...actually worked out!" I got to see old friend, Santi got to make new friends and we all had a lot of awesome memory making moments... you know for those....when the kids get older stories!

I guess I am finally  getting into that comfort zone where balance is not only a must but do-able. I just know that with a little effort on my behalf, some support from my Hubby and motivation from my Momma's been possible and very fun! I don't feel guilty going out anymore and leaving  my beautiful children behind...I see it as a little time away to regroup and remind myself that other adults do exist! It helps you relax and unwind. I think!

What about you, how do you stay social but still find time to be a Momma and/or a Wife?

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