Thursday, January 12, 2012

{Frequently Asked Questions and Blog Advice!}

From me!!!?? OH MY!

I don't have this section on my home page yet, because I still considered myself a Baby-Blogger, Ha. But, I am so very humbled that new Momma Bloggers and my readers would even be interested in my Blog advice {and life!}!

Thank You so much!

Please know that I more than happy to read and respond to your emails and questions any time:

Here we go:

{These questions have all been sent in by readers and/or friends who want to start Blogging..I am in no way an expert nor do I consider myself a Professional Blogger but I don't mind sharing like with everything else in my, what, where or when?}

The first question that I have been getting a lot, A LOT lately is this....

1. Momma, how in the world do you find time to Blog, Pin, FB, upload so many pictures, Twitter and email with Dos babies and a Hubby calling your name every minute?

Honestly, I have no idea. Ha. I make time. I am up late. A lot. No bueno, I know. I also have a Hubby who understands that I love to share and Blog and take pictures; most night he stands behind me at the computer saying.... "are you ready to go to bed yet?" Some nights I say, Nope. Others I run to my pillow. I also have a good set of kids who have at this point gotten used to Momma sitting at the computer a LOT. What I like to do is DART home, clean up, feed the kids and then while I wait for the Hubby, I compute and surf! Especially on nights when he goes to's easier..less explaining and more time to think... Most night my kids will sleep through my writing. If I am realllyyyy hooked on something, I don't sleep and then do it all again in the morning. My house is a mess some nights and I still sit and think and type... On really good days when the Hubby says I am picking up dinner and  my Aunt who sometimes helps me clean happenes to drop by, I get LOTS and LOTS of free time. But, I figured that if I ever want to do this FT, I would want to wait until I can afford a Nanny and a Personal Assistant...Heyyy Dooce has is...why can't I!?

Second pregunta: Momma, how did you get started in Bloggy-Land?

Well, it just happened. Back in 2008 {Presidential, I work in Elections so I think in terms of types of Elections..any who} I started at my current place of business. I needed to practice my writing and also kills some down time. So, I started writing. I had NO idea what Blogging was all about but once I figured it out...I couldn't stop. I was addicted. Then, I got pregnant and had my son and had SO much more to share..and well then I got pregnant again and yeah... the rest is historia...

Next question please {Ha.}: Momma, I don't understand how Blogger works and what's the difference between this and Wordpress?

Honestly, to figure out Blogger {which by the way...goes on a trip some days but I love you Blogger!} it just takes  some time and just really messing with all the settings and buttons... I have tutorials on how to do certain things but then Blogger updates and changes so often, I am not sure if they are right or not..about the difference between Wordpress and Blogger for me it was a matter of design, Wordpress was simple and business like and Blogger just seemed more user friendly and fun! It's a matter of taste, I know a lot of Blogger's who use Wordpress and love it. I personally prefer Blogger. {Except when it's being whack! Ha.}

Fourth question: Momma, what kind of camera do you use? I don't have a super fancy anything I use my little Nikon P-80, it has grown on me but this Momma needs an upgrade! Maybe 2012 is the year for upgrades! Ha. I hope.

Question # 5: Momma, what program do you use to edit your pictures? I downloaded this program called Photoscape from Google and loved it. I am not a Photoshop expert but I do have it on my computer..horrible I know.... I will day soon!

Question # 6: Momma, what are your kid's names and how did you come up with them? Well, my son is Santiago Isaias; My Hubby and I just fell in love with the name Santiago, my Hubby is a huge Salsa fan..and he thinks the name Santiago Gomez makes for a very popular Salsa singer... {now we have to wait a few years and see if Santiago is even interested in Salsa or singing!} But, we gave him the name just in case... both his names are in the Bible and that was awesome too! My daughter...the amazing Camila Isabel, was derived also from Music! Go figure....Camila is our favorite Mexican Pop group! So, ever since we discovered their music, we have loved the for Isabel. My Hubby is a HUGE movie buff! Yes, he loves it all. His favorite movie is Legends of the Fall, if you've seen the movie then you know... if you haven't, the beautiful Native American girl in this movie is Isabel Two...the rest well is historia...

Number 7: Momma, is your Hubby an artist or musician?? UHM no. He thinks he is..but he is a Construction Management nerd by day and an ultra I think I am super hip guy from the 70's Hubby and Daddy by night! Ha! {Ok, I made this question up! Ha. It's fun.}

Pregunta Ocho: Momma, what is your ethnic background? I am a very proud Mexican-American. My parents were both born and raised in Mexico and came to the U.S. when they got married they later had me and my siblings. For the most part, I identify more with my Mexican side than with my American side. I speak mucho Español, me encantan los frijoles negros con epazote and tortillas de harina. But, I can also have a good plate of Tex-Mex enchiladas and feel good. I am really a mix of Border Town {Mission/Reynosa} Norteña  and  deep south Mexican roots {Temixco, Morelos!}. I love Pozole and I would kill for some taquitos de orjea o de tripas con cebolla y cilantro, and of course I love spicy salsa! I can dance cumbias all night but once those Chinelos come on....I just can't sit down! {That's me, Mexi-Mexi!}

Question # 9: Momma, where does your daily inspiration come from? Everywhere and everyone. First and foremost; Jesus. My faith and my beliefs. I love His word and reading my Bible. Then of course my everyday life with my Hubby and children. They are so amazing and special, a true gift from God, I love them more than life! Then just in general, everyday occurrences with life, my job, my friends, people who I meet, people who I walk by, my daily observations. Inspiration is around us and in us. I can't get enough..Oh yes and Pintrest of course! Ha.

Finally numero 10! Momma, why are you so awesome? Ha. Joke. Not a real question... Momma, who designed your Blog Page? I used to do all my own designs and even messed with making my own headers and what not...but more recently I have not had time and I asked an awesome fellow Houston Momma Blogger to help me out and she so awesomely transformed by page a while back... I think I will have to contact her soon to create something for 2012 for me! Her name is Jamie K. and here is her Blog link:

My Best Blog advice is just do it! Jump into it and even if you are not a super writer {which I am not} you will at least have a journal to go back to one day for yourself, for your kids and for your family! Even if you start and then fall off the bandwagon...keep pushing forward and when you can, get back to it. Life is crazy and hectic not everyone has time to write but trust me it's worth it if you can find the time. I have chronicled my life the last almost 4 years and I can't wait to print it out and look back..on my growth, on my faith, on my life...

Be the best you...for you and trust me everything else will fall into place!

If you have any other questions don't hesitate in emailing me.... even if I take long to reply...I do read and I will reply...promise!

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