Thursday, January 12, 2012

{Thankful Thursday's} LINK UP BABY!

So, I was so busy in thought that I almost forgot today is THURSDAY! Yay...

Any whoooo.....

Thankful Thursdays Button

This week I am most Thankful for:

Endless Possibilities: God is really taking Team Gomez to new heights for new beginnings...we have A LOT going on. I wish I could say more but we just have to wait for God to continue to reveal and fill us with truth! We love it. It's so awesome in our little home right now. I love it.

Reconnecting! ~ So, I have had many many wonderful friends in my life, in the last 10 year or so. Some are still here others have moved on and just recently a few have reconnected with me. {Thank You wonderful world of FB!} Just last night I had a late night conversation abut life, change and the future with a dear old friend..who is just as sweet as she was 4 years ago when I last had an every day phone conversation with her! {Love it.}

Self-Control: I am slowly learning it. As someone who is always so eager with words and gestures...the words self-control make me nervous. But, it's been repeated to me again, once more today. And, I thank everyone for being so honest and sincere. No, I don't always have to tell the world EXACTLY what I am feeling it's ok to keep some of those words inside sometime..healthy maybe even for your own sake! I can't tell you much..I have to practice my self-control! Ha.

Guess what everyone! Tomorrow es Viernes!!! Gracias a Dios!!! {Thank God!} My body is so still on vacation mode! Ahiii.

Happy Thursday!!! What are you Thankful for today??


Unknown said...

I love reconnecting with old friends! Great list!

black tag diaries said...

it's so encouraging to hear how you are waiting and listening for the Lord... it's something i'm learning a lot about right now. i always love when i reconnect with an old friend and it feels like no time has passed. thanks for linking up this week connie!!

Connie Leon said...

Thank You Ladies! I love Thankful Thursday's! Lots of great lists and new inspiration!! :)