Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{Gloomy} ♥

Hello Lovely Readers!

I have been M.I.A. or M.I.Non-A. Ha. Who knows. The days here in Houston have been glum! Like seriously, it feels like the sun just teases us and never shows it's face. Why sun, why do you torture us that way? The weather is wet and freezing one day and hot and humid the next.

It's a pain.

I've been ill.

Ill. In so many ways.

And, the weather...well, Dear Weather, I don't like you much right now!

Have you had those days, weeks, months, when you can't shake the blues? I know the winter brings them in but Spring seems to heal them. Only, this year it feels like we will go from Winter to Summer no grey area here in this crazy city!

How about you? Is your city making you BLUE?

I know mine is. It doesn't allow me to MOVE and explore as I wish I could. I have this current hold like something is weighing me down. Lots going on in the Gomez household for sure but I just feel like progress is at a stand still. We had a great start to Lent season, with church and then dinner. I thought the next 40 days will be AM-AH-ZING. Then I just fell flat... I am working, we are reading our Bibles and trying to just push forward.

I want to write but this weather took my brain cells with it. I had a great post in mind, then I thought should I wait... and I WAITED. Now I just don't know what I am waiting for.


As you can see this Bloggy Momma has some serious thinking and writing to do!

I hope your week is going a lot better than mine...

Would love to hear from you....


Or Comment below... 

I love your feedback and questions. Always fun!

Have a great week!

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