Friday, March 2, 2012

{Day 2} ♥

Oh the ever so lovely {by the way...I may be using that word a Amiga over at "Oh My Loverly Stars!" just has me thinking about how LOVELY life yea..inspired!} countdown, is where I was heading with this..the begins...

15 Days Left!

To Cami's BIG UNO celebration.

Con una fiesta muyyyy a la Mexicana...

What I have done so far:

~Booked her Birthday Photographer...EVER so Excited about this one. She is another AMAZING friend of mine... over at Del Mar Photography!
~Purchased her Birthday prints to display the day of her Birthday! {Gotta get frames}
~ Purchased her invitations!
~Booked entertainment; Music for the adults and face painting for the kids! {FUN!}
~Purchased decorations...lots of festive very traditional little details to add to Cami's Fiesta!!!

I was going to purchase a big bulk of my items online but Houston has this awesome shop called ARNE'S....and what do you know, they had EVERYTHING I was looking for!!!

Aside from that there is this awesome Marqueta...where I found some other great items! 

I have this vision in my mind...we shall see if it is conveyed the way I want!!!

By the way..I think I may have some extra supplies and I have a feeling this will be my next giveaway! Which reminds me I still have to send out my last 2 with LONG letters of apology!!! 

Good day all...

Reminder: It's a meatless Friday..


Jazmin B. said...

Can't wait for Cami's Party.... It's going to be Beutiful! =)

Casey Ayala (DreamTree Photography) said...

haha!! You're silly! Can't wait for her party, either!