Thursday, March 1, 2012

{March} ♥

You know..... this is great! A new month. Gives me the impression of STARTING over. 

What happened in February, stays in February! Ha.

But, March! Oh boy. March will be the MONTH. Because, I want it to be THE month! Of new beginnings, of fresh starts, of progress and new levels accomplished.

One HUGE reason is the Blessing that March brought me in 2011..This little human being. A girl. With all her sweetness and love. March was good to me last year and I want to celebrate it every year with my daughter as HER month!

Here is to March and it being a GREAT NEW MONTH TO PROGRESS IN!

{Day 1}

This month we will celebrate Camila Isabel's FIRST Birthday! 
A whole year of this amazing feisty little angel! 

Her birthday will be celebrated with a traditional Mexican Fiesta theme!

My more than Beautiful BFF over at DREAM TREE PHOTOGRAPHY, Casey, captured my very Mexican dark eyed beauty a month before her birthday so that we could get a glimpse as to how the celebration would pan out! 

I hope  it's a pretty sassy fiesta! 

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